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Coming Off Of Lithium Cold Turkey (my story)
Hello! I'm from eastern Kentucky. I'm going to hopefully help some people that are in need of advice/help...More
Posted by chevyman1996

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Can you stop Lithium cold turkey?
  • Lithium side effects ARE hard to get through
  • Psychiatrists CAN mis diagnose you.
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Do you give it power?
I was thinking about this topic (pet peeve of mine) I have seen it here over the years probably more than...More
"Live without pretending; Love without depending; Listen without defending; Speak without offending"--Drake
Posted by ddnos
Do you have health insurance?
Posted by resiliancy500

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Do you have health insurance?
  • Yes, through employer.
  • Yes, through spouse's employer
  • Yes, retired with Medicare.
  • Yes, disabled with Medicare or yes low income covered by Medacaid
  • Yes, have own policy with Affordable Care Act.
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There are only 4 days left to sign up...if you don't you will be taxed for not having health insurance....More
Posted by resiliancy500
How did you find your therapist/psychologist?
I'm thinking about going to therapy but am not sure where to look to find a psychologist that takes my...More
Posted by stacyv06232012
The Soft Bipolar Spectrum Myth
I was diagnosed as manic depressive under DSM-II. I was treated well, had some years of adjustment but...More
Posted by resiliancy500
Can't Figure Out What It Is!
I know someone who's 59. They are paranoid about things. They have lost their self esteem. They had been...More
Posted by Anon_53246
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Switching Meds.
I want to know if I could switch from Cymbalta to Prozac. I also want to know if the Prozac will help with...More
Posted by fschwall75
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...
Hello, I'm 36 years old. I've definitely suffered from several bouts of major depression and anxiety became...More
Posted by blakley55
Who Are You?/ just for fun
Questions to get to know each other: 1. Nicknames? 2. Pets names? 3. What flavored chap stick do you use? ...More
Please join my community called GRUMPY GROUPIES
Posted by bpcookie
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Should I ask about Lithium? Dr G.
I was just wondering when doctors decide the best time to start Lithium? Is it when things are out of...More
Posted by stacyv06232012
Hard time at work-need suggestions please
Right now I'm having a very difficult time at work. Just functioning and communicating with coworkers...More
Posted by stacyv06232012
Includes Expert Content
Does anyone know if Gabapentin needs to accumulate in the bloodstream to be effective or if it takes...More
Posted by stacyv06232012
Includes Expert Content
Dr. G: Anti-Depressant
Hi Dr G, Is it ever acceptable to put a BP 1 patient on an anti-depressant? I feel like most of the...More
Posted by monkeybee
Trigger warning: Someone please listen
I am drowning. Suicide feels like the only option. I am dying from anxiety. Constantly panicked. I've only...More
Posted by monkeybee
Acid reflux/possible ulcer?
Hello! I've had acid reflux that would come and go for days for the past year. Right now I've had nightly...More
Posted by emch95

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Joseph F. Goldberg, MD, is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY. He also maintains a private prac...More

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Advanced Directives
No, I'm not talking about the one's that include death. About a year ago, looking back at one of the major problems with my prior cycle and ... More
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