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Questions ...
Does anyone use DBT? What do you think? Does anyone have ADHD/ADD too with their Bipolar? Is anyone on FB?More
Posted by lrafferty
Bipolar "Crazy" Terms
I always refer to my manias as times I am insane...but if my hubs says it, it gets under my skin. I often...More
Posted by monkeybee
is this good for anxiety....I have never taken.
Posted by blessed8991
refusing to take meds/acting out
admit to being lost and feeling helpless. my 16 year old daughter was diagnosed bipolar in Oct 2013. she was...More
Posted by An_255896
Didn't ask him why but he did mention he was trying to take me off zyprexa after seeing lab results showing...More
Posted by Anon_81448
Includes Expert Content
Dr. G alternatives to Zyprexa in combination with...
Hi Dr. G, Even though Zyprexa works fairly well for me, my pdoc is taking me off 15 mg, 5mg at a time...More
Posted by Anon_81448
New Bipolar Member-Can some of you share your succ...
I sooooo want to have a discussion with somebody....anybody!!!! This diagnosis is sooo hard to...More
Posted by chattychattykathy
Lamictal rash
Soooo.....I forgot to ask my question..... If I stopped the lamictal and the mysterious rash is...More
Posted by chattychattykathy
Includes Expert Content
lamictal rash
My doc just stopped my Lamictal as I developed a rash 3 days ago. I googled it and it didn't look...More
Posted by chattychattykathy
Feel Alone and Misunderstood
I'm new to this community, so Hello Everyone! I feel like no one understands me and how my emotions are...More
Posted by 1966boobear
Includes Expert Content
Dr. G - Thank you!
Dear Dr. G. It's amazing to me that you have been volunteering your time here for 4 years! Not only have you...More
Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
Posted by ddnos
Includes Expert Content
Dr.G on Geodon
Dr.G- One of the first meds my doc put me on was Geodon. It seems to work with a combo of other meds,...More
Posted by designmom651
I'm currently doing an IOP program and getting nothing out of it. Anyone else ever had this problem? There...More
Posted by monkeybee
The "F" word...fear.(triggers)
I struggle with fear so much. I try to combat or fight against it, but it seems so much a part of who I am....More
Posted by blessed8991
My Homework
My tdoc gave me some homework this week re getting myself back to work, and it's hard. I have not been able to...More
Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
Posted by ddnos
i'm off to london to buy a hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
see you all when I come back More
Posted by reneegigliotti
Support Groups
Does anyone have BP only support groups in their area, or is this unheard of. I did contact NAMI and they...More
Posted by designmom651
For the ones of you who don't do you find purpose and meaning...daily?
Posted by blessed8991
Trying Tuesday daily post--May contain triggers
Hi guys! I know it's a little late but thought id check in Weather: a little warmer--snow seems to be...More
Posted by monkeybee
Includes Expert Content
Sleep and bipolar disorder (Dr G question)
Dr. G, I have serious problems with sleep, as do most people with bipolar disorder I'm sure. My...More
Posted by reneegigliotti
sleep..or the lack of it.
Does anyone else struggle with sleep issues...I so do. I maybe sleep 4 nights out of 10. It is so...More
Posted by blessed8991
What medication works for treating Bipolar depress...
I was diagnosed with anxiety and bipolar depression and am currently taking 40mg of Lexapro (I take 2 tablets...More
Posted by maemae25
Includes Expert Content
meds/doc G
I tell you I am about out of ideas....depakote site says if you have had pancreastitis you should never...More
Posted by blessed8991
Includes Expert Content
use of antipyscotics...(sp?)/ Doc G
I used to take depakote and simply klonopin for sleep...but then there was abilify and now saphris..(which...More
Posted by blessed8991
They say it's a "coping mechanism" ... its torture
Does anyone else have conversations with people or act out scenarios in their head that obviously do not exist....More
Posted by colby9
picture up??
just curious
Posted by blessed8991
A "where are they now" question and a "thank you"
Whatever became of "Do-Over"? I dread posting here sometimes because I expect her extremely unwanted comments...More
Posted by An_243880
Better day (possible trigger)
As I watch the snow gently accumulate outside my window, I finally feel some inner peace. It's been a...More
Posted by reneegigliotti
Includes Expert Content
Antipsychotic side effects/Dr. G
I was on an anti-psychotic medication for two years and I discontinued the medication in September 2013 because...More
Posted by casa222
7 good things that are in your life...
7 good things that either happen to you or blessings or positive things in you life: I have a job, and got...More
Posted by blessed8991

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Screen out people who can't seem to "get it"....
There are some people who can't or won't understand at all. My wife is bipolar, and some people are more understanding than others. We ... More
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