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To make along story short...When I was 19 I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I kept that dx until about 2000when I went into a major manic attack. I thought I was doing great at work. I ran A Bakery for Sam's Club and I had the highest increases in the region. Then I freaked out and they put me on Klonopin. The girls always called it my happy pill because it calmed my spaz attacks down. In 2003 my new doc put me on lithium. lamictal,Klonopin, Saphris. serequel, trazadone, lunesta and cymbalta. At this time I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1. We kept increases meds til the doctor thought she had it right. Wrong It all built up in my system and the 4th of July 2011. I wound up in a psychotic state and was put in the psych ward. In Nov of 2011 I was totally out of my mind seeing and hearing things. I couldnt walk made no sense. I started taking all kinds of my drugs especially lithium and serequel to make me sleep. My dd found me passed out on the floor and called 911. She saved my life. Doc told her if she waited to morning I would be dead. I was so bad at the hospital that I wound on a vent and shipped from ICU to ICU at the University.They told me I tried to Kill myself. I had a team of 6 psych docs working on me. After I was stable I was placed in a room with a 24 hour fun I was blessed to be alive

Everyday I thank the heavens above for my life, I am now destined to not take any day for granted, I am going live laugh and love everyday. Every day is precious and I am hopeful for my future

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Reply: NSAIDS and lithium
I personally cannot take any anti depressants because they cause me be become manic....More
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Welcome aboard Rebekah. You will find lots of support and friendship here.More
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