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wedsnesday daily post. possible triggers
Morning my friends. Sleep: Okay woke up in pain several times. Almost out of meds, can't...More
Posted by jselleck
Freezing Sunday daily post. possible triggers
Morning everyone!!! Weather COLD!!! Supposed to be in the low 30's all day. Mood: Eh???...More
Posted by jselleck
Reply: Happy Birthday Mercy Hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy belated birthday mercy!!! JMore
Posted by jselleck
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Reply: Just started Saphis, and OMG is this normal?!
I've never had that problem when I was on Saphris, but like Dr. G said I was always told...More
Posted by jselleck
Reply: The shakes
Are you on Lithium? One of its side effects is carpal tunnel like pain and shakes. That's...More
Posted by jselleck
Hump Day daily post. Possible triggers
Weather: Had our first freeze of the season. The earliest it's been since 2000. Hoping...More
Posted by jselleck
Reply: freaking out
I'm sorry you're having to go through this Debbie. But take it from someone who's been in...More
Posted by jselleck
Blue Moonday daily post. possible triggers.
Weather: Nice Sleep: Good. Mood: Pretty good. Plans: Laundry, watch a couple of movies....More
Posted by jselleck
Reply: venting
Debs, sorry you're having so much pain. It's never fun when our bodies rebel against us....More
Posted by jselleck