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possible triggers/ relationship help
My wife and I have been together going on 8 years. I am getting the fight or flight...More
Posted by jamireles1
Reply: Question to anyone who wants to respond: Possible ...
@bpcookie- I appreciate the insight, I looked into dissociating, which this has happened...More
Posted by jamireles1
Question to anyone who wants to respond: Possible ...
It been two times within two weeks that I have had a manic "Episode". I'm trying to...More
Posted by jamireles1
Keeping on track (possible tiggers)
Back in Feb. I had a really hard time handling my depression. With my meds and help from...More
Posted by jamireles1
Has anyone ever tried to tell you they know how yo...
I am not all that open with people about being Bipolar, but those that I have told seem...More
Posted by jamireles1
Reply: This Hole Keeps Getting Deeper...........triggers
no not yet. the thing is Bipolar people have a bad reputation for being considered...More
Posted by jamireles1
This Hole Keeps Getting Deeper...........triggers
Thing were going great in my new life that my wife and I chose. We've moved from a busy...More
Posted by jamireles1
Reply: Mother who is in love/obsessed with her son
I really didn't get a chance to finish my reply last night. I can tell you that although...More
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Reply: I Want Off These Pills NOW
Hopefully your Doc can find the right mix. I swear we're like experiments to them. I...More
Posted by jamireles1