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Joined: 08/29/2011
My Story:
1 mg xanax from medical doctor.
medical doctor refers to pschiatrist
bipolar adhd anxiety
4mg clonopin >
clonipin + remeron>
clonopin+ remeron +adderal >
clonpine+ remeron +adderal +zyprexa>
Trying ALL of them
psychiatric drug induced psychosis
abusive "help" at mental hospitals
Realized psychiatric drugs were the problem
proper eating
doing the best I can

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Psychiatry's diagnostic criteria are literally Voted into existence and inserted into...More
Posted by 1AkathisiA
Reply: 10 ways to p.o. a bipolar
They say " CHEMICAL IMBALANCE" I hate that > no such thing !
Posted by 1AkathisiA
Reply: Questions to Ask a Potential Psychiatrist *POSS TR...
Ask For about Chemical Imbalances wait.... then ask for a "Chemical Imbalace Test" and...More
Posted by 1AkathisiA
Informed Consent
Full informed consent regarding the medical legitimacy of psychiatric diagnosis, the...More
Posted by 1AkathisiA

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  • Yes, I was given info on all the dangers, Then non- drug options
  • A little but no non-drug options
  • A little of each
  • No, I was told I had a disease requiring drugs
  • No, it was Coerced or Forced Pshyciatry
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Reply: Need advise
Take a few pills yourself and see if you feel fine, hands shaking not enjoying food...More
Posted by 1AkathisiA
Reply: Who knows about you being bipolar?
The rumor went around my family, I feel it gets used to invalidate my feelings
Posted by 1AkathisiA