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Joined: 08/29/2011
My Story:
1 mg xanax from medical doctor.
medical doctor refers to pschiatrist
bipolar adhd anxiety
4mg clonopin >
clonipin + remeron>
clonopin+ remeron +adderal >
clonpine+ remeron +adderal +zyprexa>
Trying ALL of them
psychiatric drug induced psychosis
abusive "help" at mental hospitals
Realized psychiatric drugs were the problem
proper eating
doing the best I can

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Reply: Thank you Fort Lauderdale Hospital
I hated that place from the start. The Naked search that included "Squat and cough" on...More
Posted by 1AkathisiA
Reply: Chemical Imbalance Test
How would they know if I have a Chemical Imbalance ??
Posted by 1AkathisiA
Chemical Imbalance Test
Where can I get one ? I could have low seratonin
Posted by 1AkathisiA
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