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I'm 25 and live with Bipolar 1

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sleep is screwed up
well its 4:35 am in the east and I havent slept yet it seems to me i can never get a...More
Posted by tmcgrath112
Reply: My Friend is Bipolar
sounds like ocd and other stuff rather then bipolar
Posted by tmcgrath112
Reply: Seraquil XR for my 28year daughters(bipolar I) not...
try lithium mixed with an aintipsychotic i was on serequel didnt work for me still had...More
Posted by tmcgrath112
Ups and downs
I'm doing much better doctor adjusted my meds and put me back on ativan, feeling pretty...More
Posted by tmcgrath112
Reply: Mental disorders
Jusr remember its for the best and he is safe in there, my parents went through the...More
Posted by tmcgrath112
Reply: Bipolar
Thanks for the feed back, I dont have pyschosis when im normal, usually its only when...More
Posted by tmcgrath112
mood stabilizers and stimulants
I've been on lithuim (mood stabilizer) and zyprexa (anti-pyschotic) These medicines...More
Posted by tmcgrath112
Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me out. I was diagnosed bipolar at age 21 off meds...More
Posted by tmcgrath112