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im pretty self educated and learn alot on my own, i like to take other peoples advice but i like to ration things out myself more. i have big goals in life, almost seem unabtainable. just started meds maybe 2 weeks ago, i cant even keep track of time because i really just dont care. i went cold turkey on cigs and pharmacuticals and fell into a happy mania, everything taste great felt great smelled great sounded great. things are eh right now. the thing is i cant hold back my thoughts or control myself without medication. i started smoking again just to cancel out two senses because i was prepared for the crash. oh i was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago as well.. ever since i found out, ive turned my weakness into my strength. some days are so up and down my heart skips beats i can smile and slowly fade into a frown without meaning it sometimes., i love to sing,drum, skate, balance, read you name it i do it. photgraphy follow me on istagram if youd like. or youtube for drumming. ummm i can dance good. i typically talk over people. i really just live careless. and im out of money. i dont want to work for anyone and probably wont other then for my dad. like tomorrow for instance. all typical symptoms of a bipolar and i cant get along with anyone because quote (noone understands me) for real. i never got along with kids too well in school. but i feel like ill certainly surpase them. i call it super intellegence. hyper awareness. depression anxiety use to self abuse but would never kill an animal unless for spiritual matters. but im trying to stick to doctors orders. beeen independant my whole life. and this is exhausting on its own. ugh time for bed.. #cry4help

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