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Chrissy my post disappeard
I wrote in the daily post and when i exited out it was blank. This needs to be checked out. ...More
Posted by beej5
Reply: Frustrating Friday - daily post may contain TRIGGE...
Morning all, Weather: chilly up to 70's partly sunny today Sleep: good Mood: irritable and...More
Posted by beej5
Reply: Woopie Wed. Daily Bipolar Post/ possible triggers
Weather: Cloudy and in low 80's Sleep: good Mood: stressed out. Plans: send email out to...More
Posted by beej5
Sassy Tuesday daily post-May Trigger
Guess I will start this for the day. Weather: supposed to warm up to low 80s and partly...More
Posted by beej5
Reply: Moping Monday Daily Bipolar Post/ possible trigger...
Weather: cool in low 70s Sleep: good Mood: not so good. Plans: make phone calls and clean...More
Posted by beej5
Reply: Finally Friday Daily Bipolar Post/ possible trigge...
Weather: sunny and low 80's Sleep: good Mood: anxious and irritated. plans: clean my apt...More
Posted by beej5
Reply: Thrilling Thursday Daily Bipolar Post/ possible tr...
Weather: a tad warmer than yesterday. In the low 80's and sunny with cool winds. sleep:...More
Posted by beej5
Reply: wacky wednesday daily post possible triggers
Weather: warmer too in the 70's or higher Mood: OK but stressed a bit. Sleep: great. ...More
Posted by beej5
Reply: Too Early Tuesday~Daily Post~Triggers possible
Weather: Sunny and cool Sleep: good Mood: irritable and annoyed Plans: not sure yet. ...More
Posted by beej5
Reply: Mixed Up Monday, Daily Post~Triggers possible
Weather: 68 and will go up to 76 degrees. It is cloudy and misty out. Sleep: OK Mood:...More
Posted by beej5