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Joined: 02/05/2010
My Story:
My story changes from time to time. At this point my story evolved over a period of about 50 years. There have been many issues that I have buried over the years. Some issues I have just recently found out about. I have always had suspicions(SP) about them but as of late, I have found so many issues that have been left untended too. I was diagnosed with Bipolar at the age of 35 and now I am not so sure if I was misdiagnosed or not. Now my life will be filled with exploring and discovering just what truly is inside.

On the flip side, I have some back pain issues. Spondylolisthesis, foraminal stenosis and right sided radicular syndrome. The physical pain that this causes makes it impossible for me to work for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. This not only is a physical pain but emotional and spiritual pain for me as well for I have always felt useless. I just wonder if my back pain could be linked to my mood disorders. I'm sure they are but how does one get past all of that.

to be continued.....

And the saga continues. As of August 2010, I have been told I do not have Bipolar but mood, anxiety and depression disorders. In the same week of writing this, my latest and greatest claim to fame stems from a neck that looks worse than my back. I am now working on it as I look like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. In PT there has been an immediate release of pressure from the neck, back and leg. I lived in Homeless Shelter for a year and have re-found myself as I was surely lost for all these many years.

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Take from each day what it gives to you and give back all that you can.
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a month without meds triggers perhaps
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