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How Long does Orlistat stay in your system?
I just Wanted to know how long Orlistat would stay in my system for! If anyone could help me with this i...More
Posted by SeNyOrcHiStOsO
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Do your medications cause acne?
I get acne with new medications. My doc prescribes clindamycin phosphate topical lotion (Rx only). Within a...More
I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy -
J. D. Salinger
Posted by mercygive
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Advanced Directives
No, I'm not talking about the one's that include death. About a year ago, looking back at one of the major...More
Posted by DoOvers
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De realisation This is very common and it can get ...
Been Suffering from this for 2 years folks now listen up your not going mad and your not crazy you are...More
Posted by Taylo1984
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were to start
have bipolar disorder and i do not know how to dill with it or what to do i need help were do i start More
Posted by marydiane90
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Thank you Fort Lauderdale Hospital
Being a patient was the most devastating experience of my life. At a time when I was already fragile and...More
Posted by An_239356
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Chemical Imbalance Test
Where can I get one ? I could have low seratonin
Posted by 1AkathisiA
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I did it! I'm where I need to be. I'm in waiting room, listining to a suggested song~ Fast Car ~ My all...More
Posted by littlerunaway
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Been on Zonegran for about five years and a type II diabetic for 35 years using metaformin and insulin. It...More
Posted by Turtleread
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life is hard beharder
Posted by tinnlizz
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Screen out people who can't seem to "get it"....
There are some people who can't or won't understand at all. My wife is bipolar, and some people are more...More
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I am really looking for tips on how a loved one ca...
how can I cope with a bipolar loved one? More
Posted by Carolhope
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Fighting Depression
Hi all, I have come up with one way to help me get through a depressive episode. I tell myself this: ...More
Posted by pixe5
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To Bipolar Docs and Parents
Psycs are totally clueless about mental problems such as "bipolar" and "manic depressive", their terms. Their...More
Posted by kirkhy
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My son is 11 and Bipolar
Everyday presents a new challenge with my son. He is 11 and has been diagnosed Bipolar for 1 yr. I have done...More
Posted by john11mom
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Bipolar II or BPD?
I have been diagnosed with Bipolar II , OCD, Stress/Anxiety/Social disorders and am currently taking...More
Posted by krystalelaine
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Includes Expert Content
Therapist vs Psychologist
I've been diagnosed with Bi-polar recently, can some one advice me which one should I go with? LSW?,...More
Posted by An_188870
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Differentiating bipolar disorder from borderline p...
Borderline personality disorder is a condition in which people can very easily become angry and...More
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I went to a regualr doc check up and had blood done. THey said my liver is in really bad shape. I am on...More
Posted by shyalynn
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My Story/TRIGGER Im posting this as a tip, hoping ...
I can't be bothered with a cell phone in my car....I am too busy making finger gestures at everyone!!!-Maxine
Posted by bpcookie
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4 years since BP2 diagnosis
All I have to say is thank you for inventing Lamictal! It took a near divorce and lots of familial arguments for...More
Posted by HsvIA
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When posting..please read
When visiting these boards, please remember that other members here shares their own experiences....More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
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Need some advice...
I am 32 with a wonderful family and just found out that I am bipolar. 20 days ago they left me due to one of...More
Posted by jamireles1
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hi i'm new and i don't really understand how posting things work or anything. I was diagnosed when i...More
Posted by Rebekah89
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Resources for BP info meds and other help
This was last posted by Sky (thanks hon) but I thought it was time to post it again. I have also added a...More
Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out

(only author I know was the one who wrote it on the bathroom stall....Anon)
Posted by snowyowl33
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Joseph F. Goldberg, MD, is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY. He also maintains a private prac...More

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NSAIDS and lithiumExpert
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (eg, Motrin/ibuprofen, Advil, Naprosyn) raise lithium levels by about 20%. We often therefore say ... More
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