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Reply: Mom of BPD Daughter
Learning how to speak to "a borderline" is difficult -- I know, because most of...More
Reply: Upset and needing to vent
You know what I used to do when I lived in the southwest and got angry? I would...More
Reply: Noticing BPD signs?
Also keep in mind that treating and diagnosing children and teens is a completely...More
Reply: Mary/LLT
I'm glad you went to the group. A lot of people have such a hard time just taking...More
Reply: Emotional Support Animals
I have someone up my sleeve you can contact -- she's at Bright Horizons (the...More
Reply: New and needing some info
TRIGGERY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ My...More
Reply: borderline personality disorder diagnosis
Kitten... I would like to tell you some things... I lived in Kansas until I...More
Reply: New and needing some info
Robot feeling could be dissociation. It's basically the mind's way of simply...More
Reply: New and needing some info
Here I'd written out a long, detailed description of DBT and my experiences with...More
Reply: confused and need some insight
Second that. Mary's suggestion of taking your husband to counseling is good. Also...More