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3 1/2 years out:) sex?
Hello I spent the day at the hospital for MRI, Mamo, surgeon, blood tests and oncologist....More
Posted by cancer47
Reply: Feeling alone
Hi Try and talk to one of the nurses. The are so much more hepful than the doctors. They...More
Posted by cancer47
MRI after treatment
I had bc 3 years ago this week. I have had mamograms and an MRI when first learned of the...More
Posted by cancer47
Reply: what happens you chose not take to take the hormon...
I decided not to take any oral meds after having stage 2B bc. I did surgery, 4 chemo and...More
Posted by cancer47
Thanksgiving turkey "breast"
Hi I have not posted in about a year but I thought I would post this conversation I had...More
Posted by cancer47
Just when you thought..........
The past week seems the longest I have felt in a long time. I tried to get thru christmas...More
Posted by cancer47
I found my courage
Hi Wrote here a few weeks ago about not having the courage to go back and see my doctors...More
Posted by cancer47

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