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Joined: 04/21/2010
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I was diagnosed with Stage 1 IDC and had a lumpectomy and sentinenal node biopsy on 3/25/10. No cancer found in lymph nodes, lumpectomy had clear margins and cancer was HERS2 - and ER+. Onco score came out at 20 - low intermediate number and I elected to have chemo. Finished chemo on 9/8/10. Finished 33 rounds of external beam radiation on 11/24/10.

On a personal note I am a retired science teacher who is actively involved in being a volunteer tutor in biology and chemistry in a local high school, and a local women's shelter. I live in northern NJ. and have a son and a daughter who are both married and have 3 grandchildren. I am divorced and live with my 2 cocker spaniels.

I also love to read historical fiction and mysteries. Additional hobbies include knitting, crocheting, doing needlepoint and I have even made two quilts.

I am also trying to do volunteer work with cancer groups as I feel strongly about giving back to this community. The diagnosis is so frightening and those of us who have traveled that road really owe it to our sisters to extend a helping hand and a strong shoulder to lean on!

I have put together a fact sheet that has a thumbnail sketch of the possible cancer treatment options that I would like to give as a handout to groups I speak to. I am working on contacting groups I could speak to. I feel this fact sheet should be given to women before a possible diagnosis so they can have some idea of what their options are. I believe that this kind of knowledge beforehand is a powerful tool.

If anyone would like a copy of this fact sheet, please email me and I will send it to you
My email is:

The best thing about life is looking forward to the future!!!!!!

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