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Joined: 04/23/2010
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I am a 3 year survivor I just turned 48 I have 1 son and 1 grandson no grand daughters yet anyway to dress in cute little dresses and all the pinks and purples uuummm I can dream.I have 1 dog 12 years old named Dakota and a cat also 12 years old named coco. They play and get along just like brothers the dog thinks he is a cat and cleans himself like a cat and the cat is just like a little watch dog also looking around when he hears a sound of any kind it is so funny and cute. Pets are just like children they keep you busy but are a lot of fun at the same time.
I had a bilateral mastectomy march 31 2008. Couldn't have my reconstruction at the same time due to My tumors being a lot bigger then they were at time of my testing which was 3 week before surgery.Therefore had to take more skin then planed for on the right side. Therefore I had my expanders put in a year later Sept 29 2009 and had my fills ever 10 day till the size I felt good at. I was a DD before and wanted to be smaller a full C or small D would be nice for me. It took about 4 months because there was less skin on my right side so it took longer to strech then the left side. This takes a while but is well worth the time and discomfort at the final stage of nice perky breast that don't sag hang or drop to your belly button as you age lol... I am now cancer free with nice perky breast and can go without a bra if I want to and wear just a cami under a summer top no more discomfort of a bra on hot summer days. Oh and no more trouble when I get cold if you know what I mean I did not get my nipples done I am going to get them tattooed on soon.
I enjoy the great outdoors, reading, quilting and cooking. I am one of those crazy people that actually likes to clean, redecorate and paint rooms in my house or freinds homes when they that is when I have the energy and not too sore I also have back problems. I have to stop and sit a lot but it does get done just takes me longer like days instead of hours lol..

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