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My Story:
I'm a WebMD community moderator and my job is to bring up-to-date information, point members to resources and spark interesting conversations.

I was born, raised and educated in Oklahoma. After college graduation, I moved to Southern California and and was lucky enough to find my DH. We now have 2 dogs, 2 daughters.

I've been with WebMD since 2010 and I honestly love my job. My favorite things are coffee, reading and yoga. I don't like traffic or tantrums!

I answered a challenge to complete my profile here. I hope you've learned a bit about me! I look forward to reading YOUR profile!



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Thanks Jan! You're awesome - I 2nd your comment about reducing stress. New...More
Reply: About profile PIC????
SUPER DUPER CUTER!!!!!!! Sugar smacks to you and that little squishy! HaylenMore
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Here I am! Is it working now? I told the gremlins to give you a break HMore
Reply: My Newest Project--check them out.
Thank you for sharing Jan - absolutely amazing. And I love the name HaylenMore
Reply: Jan's Knockers
I can't see them in IE or Firefox browser More
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OH NO! Michelle, I am so sorry and am sending you positive thoughts and well...More
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I forgot about that! Please make the regarding line: Breast Cancer Expert...More
Breast Cancer Expert Suggestions
Greetings! Do you know a fabulous doctor, oncology nurse, reconstruction...More
Reply: Haylen...Wonder Woman!! And A Call-To-Arms!!!!!!
HA! Rachael, you crack me up. I'm printing your note and giving copies to my...More
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Hi SunnySherrie! I love your profile name - gives me a great feeling for your...More

For more information, visit the Duke Health Breast Cancer Center