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Reply: post surgery pain
Hi, I am not pat , but I am annother survivor. I was st3 with 2 differnt kinds of BC....More
Posted by cindy12345678
Reply: Chemo and Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
Jennifer, I never had to stop chemo, but I was dx with 2 different kinds of cancer at...More
Posted by cindy12345678
Reply: March 31 was my 5 year march yaaa!!!! Roberta
Roberta, All I can say is Yea!!!!!. I'm so happy for you! You desreve all the...More
Posted by cindy12345678
Reply: breast cancer
I am sorry to hear that you have this dx. I had two different kinds of B-cancer...More
Posted by cindy12345678
Reply: Keeping the chemo port after chemo is complete "ju...
Hi, I had mine taken out right away. Mine you could really see. alot of other peoples...More
Posted by cindy12345678
Reply: About this FLU that is going around
I hope none of us get the flu. I think the upper respritory kind is still going...More
Posted by cindy12345678
Reply: Test results for Roberta
Roberta, I am so happy for you!!Celebrate and have a great time!!! Thanks for sharing...More
Posted by cindy12345678
Reply: Went to the Surgeon today
Hi Michelle and Jenna, Yes I'm glad they are going to watch. It's hard to try and...More
Posted by cindy12345678
Went to the Surgeon today
Hi Ladies, I went to the doc today. The test didn't show what it was. He says the...More
Posted by cindy12345678
Reply: Struggling
Just keep calling. You will get through. CindyMore
Posted by cindy12345678

For more information, visit the Duke Health Breast Cancer Center