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I'm Janice Haines and the wife of John_boy. We've been married for over 40 years. We live in Norfolk, VA and have a 38-year old son. We have one dog and tthree cats, and our son has one dog. I was laid off in Jan 04 from the govt so I took an early retirement. John had worked for a contractor for over 33 years and was laid off in Jan 06. He is now working at a cable company. I've been a Reach to Recovery Volunteer for several years.
Since retirement I've taken a more comprehensive role in the care of both my mom and aunt who are in their 90's and live in a nearby assisted living facility.
I was diagnosed in Nov 97 with a 2 cm tumor (invasive ductal carcinoma). I had 10 positive nodes. I had three aggressive rounds of AC followed by a stem cell transplant. I also had 32 sessions of rads. I took tamoxifen for five years and have completed five years of Femara.
In the spring of 2009, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer as well as a 3.5 cm malignant thyroglossal duct cyst. I had a sistrunk procedure as well as a total thyroidectomy (surgery) to remove the malignancies. As follow up, I had radioactive iodine treatment. I have completed these treatments and am now being followed for this condition as well.

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Why I came to WebMD
To find comfort, information, and to associate with others who had been through what I had been through.
Where I can be found on WebMD
Breast Cancer Exchange
What I Like
Books: suspense, romance, thrillers
Movies/TV: forensic shows, HTGV, health shows
Music: easy listening, oldies
What Inspires Me
who = my husband

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