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My Story:
Joined Web MD BC board in 2005.

1. Oct,'05 Dx Stage II-B Lt breast both lobular and ductal. 3 lumps laying on top of each other.
2. MRI didn't pick up there were 3 lumps.
3.ER and PR+--- HER-neg.
4.Oct, '05 Lumpectomy-Sentinal node postivie--7 nodes removed.
5. Revision Nov. '05. Sentinal node postive chemo recommended.
6. Developed internal yeast infection. Dr didn't think I could handle more
7. Radiation 6 weeks daily treatments.(drove myself 50 miles north daily--no problem). Finished May '06. In April-middle of tx. Mother had Estate sale. Sold her house of 32 yrs. Moved into Assisted Living.
8. Onc Dr tried numerous anti-hormone meds. Did not tolerate any of them.
Femera, Armidex, Tamoxifen & others. Severe bone pain and nausea. Way too many side effects. Debated Onc Dr. for 6 years. Would not listen to me.

Lt Breast skin never did get soft after rads. (My cancer was located at about the 2 o'clock area of my breast) It was always swollen---very hard with large dimpled type skin. I was worried about Inflammatory Breast Disease as that is what the skin looked like. My surgeon was the only one concerned about my breast and he did several skin-punch bio's (thru the next 5 yrs) always came back--radiated skin----NO ca.

9. Jan-2011 Lt breast became very hard--painful developed ugly looking rash lower half of the breast--dimpled skin increasing, 3 yucky looking blood blisters. Definitely SOMETHING was Wrong!!! Four of my Doctors could see something was up but did not know what!!!!
10. Mammo-Neg.
11. BSGI (new test instead of MRI) Neg.
12. Skin Bio--Neg. Surgeon sent me back to Rad Dr. for his second opinion. Bless his heart, he is the Best!!!
13. Rad Dr. asked many questions took pics of breast---asked more questions. DX with Angiosarcoma caused from rads done in '06.

Very rare--only 0.04%--get it from rads. That is less than 1% of the population who has done radiation. "Radiation did cure me from bc" So PLEASE do NOT panic ladies!!!!! Just be sure and watch your breasts for any changes after doing rads. If you have any concerns be sure to check with your doctors. My intent on telling my story is so you will be aware. NOT to Panic anyone.

14. April 21--2011. Lt Breast Mast.
15. May 23, 2011 sent to Cancer Care Alliance in Seattle for type of chemo and dosage.

Decided while recoverying from mast I was going to change Onc Dr's. Went back to Rad Dr and asked her opinion. So happy I did. Best thing I ever did for myself. My new Onc Dr is the best in Western Wash. Great sense of humor and has taken me serious from the very first appt. Actually will listen to me and my concerns.

16. Nov 24, 2011 finished 6 months of chemo-Abraxane. Very easy to handle--very few side effects.
17. Dec 2011 PET/CT scan negative. Dr said see you in 6 months for another PET/CT and appt. I am tired from the chemo but feeling way better than I thought I would. My hair is starting to grow out but WHITE as Snow. UGH. That color will change as soon as I have enough hair to color it. LOL.
Thanks for listening. Jan

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