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Joined: 09/20/2010
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I'm a 2 X survivor of BC. In '99 I was DX with a cancerous lump Rh + in my left breast.( I ignored to long.) I opted to have a lumpectomy. I was cancer free for 5 years when I had a yearly mammogram and another DX of Rh- in my right breast. I had a double mastectomy without reconstruction...our insurance cut me off with their allowable cap. I did Herceptin for 3 months before my heart started to show signs of Onco took me off it asap. It is now to the day 5 years since my last DX. I don't sit and think about the cancer anymore than I need to, I won't live in fear it makes my skin wrinkle, besides I want to be a part of today let tomorrow come and forget about yesterday and all that stuff.

I live in the inland NW pretty much up in the mountains with nature and God..oh and our 2 dogs 6 kitty's & 19 chickens 1 very wonderful husband and unending forest of furry critters mostly deer but we do have bear and mountain lions from time to time.

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