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Joined: 05/10/2010
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I have been coming to WebMd since before 2003. My dear wife passed away April 29,2006. It has been a lonely journey these past years. I have traveled over 170,000 miles in 4 years meeting my BC FTF members. From Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Virginia, dear friends I dearly love. Mostly we met at Cracker Barrel restaurants. I visited Fort Worth Texas for 14 months until our dear friend Karen (KQT) passed away Jan 2008.

If I missed any state I apologize,,,had a chance to meet a lady from Michigan, dear Rachael, and i shall forever regret I didn't make the trip.

Have found a new friend, pray for me, we're best of friends and I hope we can remain so the rest of my life on this earth.

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Reply: What Is The Pink Bus???
Pinkie is real as Kirstin renamed the pink bus, A real feeling of not being alone. Bless...More
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