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Pumping 5-7 oz at work, how can i pump more when L...
Hi ladies, I just had a question. As a first time mother I decided to breastfeed exclusively and recently...More
Posted by nadieva1980
Any Suggestions?
Okay I had my baby last week and I have had problems getting my little guy to latch on and have decided to...More
Posted by An_246343
When to stop Eping?
My baby is 4 months old, but I have been Eping since he was 2 months old. Long story short, I had multiple...More
Posted by EpingRN
Over Active Let Down/Extreme Flow?
Just curious to see if anyone else is experiencing this. Over the last week, my now 3 week old has had...More
Posted by dermgirl
is it possible???
im a FTM and my little boy is 5 days old today. i really really want to breast feed him, but sometimes...More
Posted by DAThornsMommy
Is it normal for son to only find comfort with a n...
This may be the lack of sleep, or his growth spurt but in the past few days the only way I can get my son to...More
Posted by EEE4565
pumping and ouchiness
okay so lil man had quite a bit of troubles with latching unless i used a shield then he ended up with...More
Posted by hgreenwood7058
I have a 6wk old that was doing great at first, here lately he only latches for 5-7mins then unlatches &...More
Posted by KBratt
Hello. My name is Heather. I have been a member on the TTCAL and PAL boards until now where I have had...More
Posted by hgreenwood7058
Lacking milk
I was breastfeeding my son since birth (2 months) and had problems making enough milk to begin with so I...More
Posted by Kalebsmama3
Keeping up with Baby
Starting day one, I have had an ample milk supply, plenty for my LO. But in the last 4-5 days, I feel like my...More
Posted by smithc27
Mother in law & breast feeding
so i think my mother in law is wierded out by me breastfeeding my child where ever we are. I cover my...More
Posted by MommaBearofTw2
Breastfeeding & Periods
Ok with my first child i breatfed and i never had a problem with my period! This time around i had a few...More
Posted by An_244412
milk blisters/infections
I have this going one for about 2 months now. My daughter is going to be 1 year old on the 27th of this...More
Posted by Anon_24423
Mom's health and breastfeeding
What are signs to look for when it comes to mothers health - tenderness, fever, swelling etc? Beyond the...More
Posted by An_243985
Breast Pump- milk in tubing
My daughter is 2 weeks old, and I am pumping after every feeding to increase my milk supply. I have the...More
Posted by kerrymh
Weaning help
Hi, I'm in the process of weaning my first child. Ive read lots of tips and spoke to friends and my daughters...More
Posted by Sue2238
Does anyone know if you can take too much fenugreek?? I started back to work a cpl wks ago and my supply is...More
Posted by lisafinck
Worried Supply is Decreasing
My daughter is 5 mos now and has started on Solids and the direction of the Pedi, to help with reflux (since...More
Posted by kell0613
I have been breastfeeding my son for the past 16 months. I honestly love breastfeeding him. He is so active...More
Posted by Anon_10017
breast feeding and pumping
My daughter is 2 weeks old and is breast fed, I recently started pumping after she eats to store it...More
Posted by lovemyprincesses
can u tell me
hi im wanting to know since i had two maybe less of whisky when its be safe to nurse my 9 mth old im...More
Posted by jjacobs123556
Colour of my baby's skin
My baby girl is 8 weeks old now. She was born with fair complexion. Im using Olive oil. Now i noticed that...More
Posted by SunithaUK
Baby Choking while nursing
I'm a new mom and am breastfeeding my newborn. My baby tends to choke when she feeds off my right breast....More
Posted by ChantelLW81
One side makes more
My right breast produces more milk than my left breast. Does this happen to anyone else? My son will be 4...More
Posted by peanut_1991
One side makes more
My right breast produces more milk than my left breast. Does this happen to anyone else? My son will be 4...More
Posted by peanut_1991
Spiting up with breast feeding what to do?
I have a one month old baby girl. I am breast feeding, but she wont take my breast so I am pumping my milk...More
Posted by An_243469
If the other side of my breast is bigger than the ...
Hi moms, I'm new here. I am still breastfeeding my 26 m/o baby girl because it is my choice. But my main...More
Posted by An_243303
HELP PLEASE!!! 3 mth old's BM
my daughter is 3 mths old, breastfeed. I'm concerned because she is soooooo gas-y and farts all the time,...More
Posted by vanessagw23

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My name is Michaele. I am married and have three awesome kids. Evan is 7, Savannah is 4, and baby Adeline (Addy) is 3 months. I am new to the forums b...More

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