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My daughter is 11wks old I've been breastfeeding her my diet is a little poor since I came back to work....More
Posted by Stacye38
Help falling asleep
I cant fall asleep at night, can I take melatonin 3mg without it hurting my baby? hes 9 months old and I am...More
Posted by fauxmoney
Itchy, buring nipples?
Whenever my son is breast fed directly from the breast, shortly after my nipples burn or itch. (He does not have...More
Posted by DeaMom
Can the period affect the milk taste?
I had my baby girl 6 weeks ago and couple days ago got my first period.( With my DS I nursed him until 7...More
Posted by Katya1985
Breastfeeding and periods, when did you get yours?
I had my third son about 9 months ago. With my first two I got my period back at around 4 or 5 months...More
Posted by Wendy12345678
Breastfeeding while pregnant
I have a 6month old and we just found out we're pregnant, again! I'm breastfeeding and wanted to know if it's...More
Posted by flo10
Milk Ducts
Is it possible to have clogged milk ducts before breastfeeding? I am almost 7 months pregnant with my first...More
Posted by candy352
constipated 4 week old.
my daughter was breast feeding but wasn't producing enough so had to go to similac formula. Since he...More
Posted by beautifulbuffalo
Breastfeeding - Breast size
My daugher just had a baby and started breastfeeding. She is concerned because one of her breasts is quite a...More
Posted by GranniePat
I need help...
SO here is my story; my son is 2 1/2 weeks old and right now getting only formula. I really really really...More
Posted by im_onle_me
First feed after birth
I came to know that certain hospitals feed the newborn formula milk before handing over to the mom for the first...More
Posted by OMRIK
BF & illness (cold or possibly the flu)
I have a really bad head cold and think it may be the flu. Should I "pump and dump" and give my son formula or...More
Posted by Carin531
5 Month Old Fussy while Breastfeeding
My 5 month old has been getting fussy while breastfeeding. She will pull off 10-20 times during a feeding....More
Posted by An_240219
Can a women drink milk and breastfeed.
My daughter has a 2 week old baby boy and is breast feeding. She was told today that she cant drink...More
Posted by beautifulbuffalo
Can a women drink milk and breastfeed.
My daughter has a 2 week old baby boy and is breast feeding. She was told today that she cant drink...More
Posted by beautifulbuffalo
What kind of cold medications can I take while bre...
My son was born 2 weeks ago and I have been breastfeeding. I love it. However, I just came down with a nasty...More
Posted by swebb14
why did it start?
i have been doing a combo of breastfeeding and bottle since my daughter was 2 1/2 months old. until today...More
Posted by sydneyrenee
Newborn son allergic to something in breast milk
I had my son the other day and he's healthy other than being cranky. I asked the nurse about it and she said...More
Posted by crohn_girl

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positive words
I noticed that most of the posts on this board are about supply issues and weaning. And I just really want to...More
Posted by lucy4219
Perscribe Levofloxcin and Flagyl
I was recently perscribed the above two drugs and am currently exclusively breastfeeding my 5 1/2 month old. The...More
Posted by michiy
Pumping & milk production problems!!
I am the proud new mommy of a preemie & am having MAJOR milk production problems. My daughter was born...More
Posted by ashb36
Lansinoh coupons...
I have some Lansinoh coupons that I don't need anymore. If somebody wants them please email me your address (...More
Posted by sdadkin
What do you do to boost your supply?
Just curious what everyone does to boost their supply of breastmilk? In the last month or so, it seems my...More
Posted by ESHmom
Am i doing something worng :(
my newborn is almost 2 weeks old. in the first few days after bringing him home he latched well but only...More
Posted by Anon_12703
How many ml's should my newborn have every 3 hours? I am breastfeeding but I dont think he is getting enough...More
Posted by pattym1019
Pain while breastfeeding
I have an 11 week old whom i have been breastfeeding since day one. the first two weeks were the worst but...More
Posted by momof2grls26
I've been exclusively breastfeeding my 2 month old and have recently started freezing bags for a weekend...More
Posted by Anon_234998
Is my milk supply low?
I started out exclusively breastfeeding, but when the doctor was concerned about her weight gain, I started...More
Posted by Anon_234998
best guide to breastfeeding???
Hey ladies, My first baby is due in October and I really, really, really want to bf. I've been reading up...More
Posted by noelle1225

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I'm married mom of a handsome 4 year old boy named J.R. and a beautiful baby girl Kira, who was born 1/31/11. I'm BF'ing for the first tim...More

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