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Breastfeeding and periods, when did you get yours?
I had my third son about 9 months ago. With my first two I got my period back at...More
Posted by Wendy12345678
Reply: Rotator Cuff Surgery Tomorrow and Breastfeeding.
I hate wearing a bra all the time, so I bought tight tank tops, and put pads with...More
Posted by Wendy12345678
Reply: Stop Breast Feeding/Pumping
I'm not sure if this would work for you, but a lactation consultant told me how to...More
Posted by Wendy12345678
Reply: pumping question
Hello, and thanks. I am a SAHM, I'm just pumping for mixing with cereal, and possibly...More
Posted by Wendy12345678
pumping question
I have not pumped before, and just bought an enexpenssive pump. I got about 3 oz out...More
Posted by Wendy12345678
Reply: pumping
You can actually do both pretty easily. You may want to nurse because it may take...More
Posted by Wendy12345678
anyone know a good pump?
Hello ladies! I would like to start pumping, for my boy and for another womans...More
Posted by Wendy12345678
Reply: mastisitis
Its good to hear from you again! How are things going??? Yes they are just about the...More
Posted by Wendy12345678
Hi all. So I've been trying to get over mastitis. I've had it since saturday but have...More
Posted by Wendy12345678
Reply: Milk sharing with Eats on Feets
I looked into donation and it seems a lot of places are for profit. So basically you...More
Posted by Wendy12345678