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Reply: Keeping up with Baby
Your body has probably adjusted to breastfeeding. Are you feeling like this...More
Reply: overnight fussiness
There is something about that one month mark--that is when my daughter started...More
Reply: questions from a soon to be newbie
So sorry that you had a bad experience with your first. You can breastfeed with...More
Reply: HELP PLEASE!!! 3 mth old's BM
Totally normal. Make sure you are burping her well after every feeding, that...More
Yeast / thrush?
I have been totally exhausted because my baby is very fussy and then all the...More
Reply: Antibitotics and breast feeding,
Try to get some good probiotics or eat lots of natural yogurt that has the good...More
Reply: Discouraged
If you want to breastfeed, you just have to keep at it. Especially in those early...More
Reply: Drying up before you are ready?
It could be a plugged duct.
Reply: increasing milk supply
Breastfeed as much as you can while you are with her and then try pumping for a...More
Reply: Baby wants to be on the breast 24/7
I am going through this right now. My baby is almost 3 weeks old and must have...More