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My name is Christy, and I am 24 years old. I have a wonderful handsome husband who is 28 - and two darling little boys!! My first son is 2 years old, and the newest member of our family is 5 months! I just love being a mommy *~%

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Reply: Help! Should I pump?
Yeah and it's painful too to stop so suddenly. Try weaning it down over a week would be my...More
Posted by cjl0510
May have to stop...
My LO is 7 months old.. and I am afraid I may have to start weaning him soon. I have a...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: New here, here's my situation...
I agree to call La Leche if you haven't heard back from the Lactation consultant. Nipple...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Period Returning after weaning
It honestly depends on the person. My friend stopped nursing at 6 months and get her period...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Drying up breastmilk
I had to stop breastfeeding my first son at 10 months fairly suddenly due to a medication I...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Hard to feed... questions???
Yes! I went through the exact same thing with my LO for the first 4 months. It sounds like...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Pepto Bismol while nursing?
Thanks guys! Yeah I just heard that it's not good when BF. So hopefully I'll start feeling...More
Posted by cjl0510
Pepto Bismol while nursing?
I have had tummy trouble for the last few days.. does anyone know if it is ok to take Pepto...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: ovulating?
You can track your temperature. On the days you ovulate you will either see a point...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Bottles/nipples that have worked for anyone??
My little guys takes the wal-mart cheap bottles no problem. So did my first son. They way I...More
Posted by cjl0510