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My name is Christy, and I am 24 years old. I have a wonderful handsome husband who is 28 - and two darling little boys!! My first son is 2 years old, and the newest member of our family is 5 months! I just love being a mommy *~%

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Reply: breastfeeding and pumping dilemma
What I did, which worked great - was I would wait until my LO went to sleep at night-...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Trying to conceive while nursing
It depends on if you have started your period or not yet. If you have, then you can get...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Anyone not pump while at work?
I work every other week working 10 hours at a time. I nurse before I leave for work, then I...More
Posted by cjl0510
Sensitivity to dairy products?
I am not sure, but I think my 5 month old gets more fussy when I eat more dairy. I have...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Tips/Help for sore nipples
cabbage leaves!! Just tear a piece off and place it in your bra after nursing. It soothes...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Monthly Cycle ?
I think it depends on your body. With my first LO it took 4 months before I got my period...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Need advice - how hard should I try to make this w...
I am sorry you had such a hard time with your first baby. Both with the milk production,...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Is it normal for one side to lactaid more than the...
I also have one side that produces more. Just make sure that she switches sides when...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: sore nipples
and cabbage leafs right from the fridge. Aww it does wonders!! Just slip in in your bra...More
Posted by cjl0510