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I am the mom of 5 children 4 boys and a brand new daughter. I am struggling with supplimental feedings while breastfeeding but working on getting back on the right track for nursing.

I have been a moderator with WebMD for 7 years now, and enjoy every aspect of working with our members to make WebMD their online home.

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Negativity Regarding Breastfeeding
We have all seen or heard the stories where women were asked to nurse their child...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
Breastfeeding Support
Breastfeeding is tough, in particular when we first start out. But at the end of...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
Reply: Nutrition and You
HI ShanunC, I think mom's in general have to learn to prep ahead but in...More
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Nutrition and You
With the demands of breastfeeding and taking care of a small child, we often times...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
Reply: Introduction
Hi ShanunC, Congrats on the new little one, and welcome to the Breastfeeding...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
Reply: Made it!!!
Congrats, that is a really great accomplishment! You really should pat yourself on...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
National second hand wardrobe week
Babies grow so fast. How do you deal with your child's change in sizes? Do you get...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
IRS Rules Breastfeeding Supplies are Tax Deductibl...
Great news for nursing moms. All your pumps and supplies are going to be tax...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
Do You Have A Favorite Smoothie Recipe?
Smoothies are the latest healthy food. Do you drink smoothies? Do you have a...More
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National Parent Leadership Month
This is National Parent Leadership Month. Who do you look up to as a parent? Is...More
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