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Sticky Post Come Join the WebMD Caregiving Community!
Hello Community Members, We would like to invite you to join us in our new WebMD-moderated Caregiving...More
Posted by atti_editor
Skin Cancer and Rogaine
Is there any correlation between the use of Rogaine and skin cancer on the scalp?
Posted by An_261716
Cause of Cancer: Dead Command Centers in Cells?
What if cancer is caused by a dead command center in the cells that listens to that command center? The cells...More
Posted by kyjds
Can anyone help me identify what is causing this?
Can anyone help identify what could be causing this? These areas have shown up and are usually accompanied by...More
Posted by mwalt1988
Reply: Lump near sternum/rib joint
I had tumor over the sternum which was the result of Multiple Myeloma , came from bone breakdown on upper 1/3...More
Posted by hadleyhh
Reply: can a lymph node biopsy be wrong?
What ever happened to you?
Posted by analogies06
Reply: Sick at the end of pregnancy
You may want to post your question in the WebMD Pregnancy Community . However, Gail is right --...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: At what point should you check out a mole?
An irregular mole can be a symptom of skin cancer. If it has changed since you last saw your MD, then...More
Posted by ryanbrowning115
Reply: Ovarian Cancer/Lymphedema
Hello, How are you doing? Have you learned anything more? I am so glad that you kept on your doctors and...More
Posted by atti_editor
What Is Chemo Brain?
"You're not just imagining this. Studies show that cancer and its treatment causes changes in the brain....More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: melanoma and viagra
No... ...More
Posted by georgiagail
Melanoma Survivor
I'm a Melanoma Cancer Survivor. 1995!!!!
Posted by An_260997
Reply: Help with family history
1. Sodium bicarbonate is worthless in preventing cancer. 2. There are many different types of cancer. One...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Is this Cervical Cancer
Cervical disease can frequently be discovered early, and in some cases even averted altogether, by having...More
Posted by nestpillmart
lung nodule
Hi I had an incidental finding on my right middle lung during a ct scan. A 2 mm nodule..need to recheck in 9...More
Posted by Anon_12858
Reply: metastic lung cancer?
What different things are the pulmonary specialist, oncologist and surgeon telling you? The fact that 3 of...More
Posted by georgiagail
Chronic Illness that hasn't been diagnosed
My husband has some type of seizure after eating almost any meal. He has been to his internal medicine,...More
Posted by rebeccajwest11
Reply: Liver mets
A CT scan is limited to showing exactly what it has done (twice); masses and lesions. It cannot determine...More
Posted by georgiagail
Liver mets
Hi, My father just had a CT scan due to abdominal pain. It showed something on his liver so they followed up...More
Posted by neliann
Reply: Need
If your Mother gets better when out of her home, then I would certainly try to keep her away from it.
Posted by thegingerfamily
Reply: scared cancer question
A density on a chest X ray could mean many things from a pneumonia to a benign (non-cancerous) nodule in...More
Posted by georgiagail
Many in Debt, Bankruptcy Paying for Cancer Care
"Two new reports show one-third of cancer survivors in the United States say they have experienced money or...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Recover from Cancer
Hi 1 debbie, I am sorry to hear of your friend's diagnosis but am glad that you and his family are there...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Throat
That's how my grandma' started. I would definitely see a doctor!
Posted by gundygirl
Reply: Follow Up MRI
Have her ask questions. She has a right to know!
Posted by momof2ah
One very concerned mama about sons
My son is 21. Recently he was injured in an oilfield accident so we had to do a MRI of his hip. Everything...More
Posted by hsmith777
Reply: Have any real clinical trial been done on curcumin...
I didn't say human trials haven't been done on this particular substance; just that I'm not aware of any. ...More
Posted by georgiagail
Caregiver seeking advice
Hello! My name is Kelly. My husband's name is Randy. His aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer back in June and...More
Posted by kelrie
Reply: Possible skin cancer?
Hello, Were you able to get in to see a dermatologist or your doctor about these moles and skin...More
Posted by atti_editor
Cancer spreading
Hello, I have been diagnosed with a large mass on my left lung. I have had the needle biopsy, and the...More
Posted by memgann

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Recover from Cancer
After treatment effects are very painfull. So to recover from such side effects you should opt for Immunotherapy kind of treatment which ... More
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