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lung cancer
I was informed 2 months ago I have lung cancer which spread to my left vocal cord then down to the bones in...More
Posted by An_253343
lung cancer
I was informed 2 months ago I have lung cancer which spread to my left vocal cord then down to the bones in...More
Posted by An_253343
Cervical cancer with TB question?
My wife was diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer. She just had a PET scan and they found a lesion on her...More
Posted by jarett73
My mom had brian surgery in january for a tumor in march she started radiation for eight weeks bc the tumor...More
Posted by An_253204
Back pain along with 2-3mm nodules found on both l...
Hi, my name is Sherif and i'm a 22 years old, 6 foot, 140 pound skinny male. I've been very worried since...More
Posted by serifsaid123
Why the “Cancer” Diagnosis Just Doesn’t Alwa...
There are many risk factors that researchers have identified in the onset of cancer. Smoking was the...More
Posted by jacobedward02
trought blocked cancer symptom
one of my family member have problem with food pipe, it got blocked & when consulted doctor, he told...More
Posted by An_252981
Brain tumor & lung spot
I am a 55 year old female. Received diagnosis of brain tumor a few weeks ago. Had a CT scan of my body and...More
Posted by An_252942
Neoplastic meningitis and no one will listen :/
My best friend who has these symptoms, and they all point to neoplastic meningitis. He was also diagnosed...More
Posted by feverfive
Hard palate and Tongue Bleeding
Hey everyone, so this is my first post on webmd but ill get straight to it. I'll just let everyone know now,...More
Posted by JustenWC
Chemo port removal after care question
Does anyone know how long I should wait to go swimming after getting a chemo port removed from my chest?
Posted by sparky478
Medical care is vital!
Hi. I'd like to share my story. I grew up (adopted) in a not so kind family. Very abusive physically,...More
Posted by Obayan
Will I have to have the same tests if I switch doc...
H I ...More
Posted by An_252571

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Help !!! Post Chemo Depression and Generalized Anx...
I was diagnosed with Stage 2A testicular cancer in June of 2011. I had the surgery in July of 2011. Chemo...More
Posted by Ronniejr37
recurrent mouth/throat cancer
I had a rumor on my R tonsil which was treated successfully with chemo, radiation and surgery 2-2.5 years...More
Posted by An_252274
can a lymph node biopsy be wrong?
About two years ago I found a lump in my neck. It was only one swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck....More
Posted by jahzrk
Cancer Symptoms, Acid Reflux, or Anxiety?
Moderate pain in front of throat (near voice box area), moderate pain when turning neck, feels like I need...More
Posted by ottawawoman
second opinion and prognosis
My dad: Present age: 68 years; Height: 175 cms; Present Weight: 68 Kgs; Weight at time of diagnosis: 66...More
Posted by Anuj12
Living withpartial pancreas and spleen
My wife is scheduled for partial Pancreas removal and complete Spleen removal. I'm a lot more afraid of the...More
Posted by jimmy1one
lip cancer?
I have 2 dark spots on my lower lip. They have been there for years and have never bothered me and are not...More
Posted by aronowaugh
sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma
my wife has just been diagnosed as a patient of SNUC recently. need further histology to differentiate it and...More
Posted by koukping
im trying to find a quick anwser because my sisters doctor is not avalible right now.... she has...More
Posted by jenniferarcigawest
Whole body lymph nodes
(male/age 22/over weight) A little over a month ago I found one enlarged lymph node under my left armpit (hard...More
Posted by ahw1990
My brother is so sick, and no one can figure out w...
Hello, I would love to have someone to talk to about my older brother. He is 52 years old and has the...More
Posted by greenthumbnana
Big Spongey Lump Inside Cheek
Hey Guys-- I've had a lump on the inside of my cheek for almost a year now. I can't tell if it's growing,...More
Posted by An_251282
Lump on the neck help please
Hi im a 15 year old male and about a month ago i found a lump on my neck it is movable. The first day it was...More
Posted by mikeyflash
Options for my grandmother
My grandmother was diagnosed last week with lung cancer that has spread to her bones. The doctor said he wants...More
Posted by niki426
Sphenoid Sinus and Empty Sella Syndrom
Hi, I've been suffering from dizziness/lightheadedness, blurry vision, blocked ears and slight pain on the left...More
Posted by yessehm
Lung Cancer and continuing to smoke
I've seen comments concerning people who smoke after being diagnosed with cancer. I don't believe any of the...More
Posted by An_250987

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