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How Long Does Herceptin Stay in Your System?
How Long Does Herceptin Stay in Your System?
Melanoma worries
Last year I was told I had a benign melanoma on my arm. I've gone in every six months to get check ups and I...More
Posted by SarahJorb
Just need some advice..
Hello all, I'm feeling a little lost and just need some advice. I went to the doctor over a month ago with...More
Posted by Richstoots
Resection of tumor with coratid artery involvement...
I have had multiple occurrences of previously benign tumors in the salivary glands and associated regions. I...More
Posted by An_247216
Acute Myeloid Leukemia affecting thought process a...
How fast does AML affect a person's thinking process and personality changes? Does it have an affect on the...More
Posted by BJMandM
Breast Cancer at 31
I just read an article here about Tomomi Arikawa who had breast cancer at 31 and I am related to her. I just...More
Posted by AskingPiaF
Radiation For Brain 1 hour long
My sister has cancer and it spread through her she has tumors in her lungs near her adrenal glands and a few...More
Posted by bettyb51
Melanoma on Face
My father has a place on his face that was melanoma and he has been having headaches. Could this be caused...More
Posted by An_246920
What does all this mean?
In 2010 I had an Ultra Sound done that showed = "5.6cm right renal cyst. Normal renal echotecture. No...More
Posted by dtownsley
rectal cancer and radiation
My mom has rectal cancer and has had 21 radiation treatments. she has stopped the treatments because her...More
Posted by Psmickels
Lump in lower back?
My doctor thinks I've let nursing school go to my head, basically "thinking zebras when I hear hoof beats...More
Posted by An_246787
I had the ultrasound on the nodule, they want me t...
I went to get the ultrasound for the swollen lymph node yesterday. The tech took several images of it. Brought...More
Posted by cindigal
Dislodged Liver Tumor
My boyfriend's father is believed to have liver cancer. The doctors are sure of it. Today he said that...More
Posted by heartstring199
I just noticed a swollen lymph node on right side...
It maybe be nothing, but it does causes to be troubling to me. I read at another site about it could be just...More
Posted by cindigal
Swollen nodes?
about a month ago my supra-clavicular nodes were so swollen that turning my head caused/lifting my arms...More
Posted by megatronthewise
Melatonin for sleep
Is it okay to take melatonin for insomnia 6 mg I take timed release. It really helps me but don't know if it...More
Posted by Anon_11642
lymph nodes
Five years ago I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer (lumpectomy), no cancer in the lymph nodes. A...More
Posted by Anon_130404
doctors disregarding 'permanently' swollen lymph n...
Hello; I have had swollen lymph nodes on both sides of my neck for 11 years. I first noticed them when I was...More
Posted by An_246009
MRI report study
i had fitts at night. i also had my MRI done. the reports showed a normal study but it indicates a right...More
Posted by navjeewan
Is there a quikc way to locate cancer?
My father lives in Slovakia. Last week he has been diagnosed with cancer based on taking the tissue samples...More
Posted by jakeman35
New WebMD Privacy Policy
Dear Members, Just a note to let you know that WebMD's Privacy Policy has changed. When you next...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
fatigue or depression
Im currently undergoing chemotherapy and sometimes i just want to sleep and not do anything at all. Not sure if...More
Posted by tichth1
Hello.. hard growth in my testicles.
I am 24 years old -- Recently within the last two years or so I have found a firm lump in my sack. I can not...More
Posted by Rhaeloth
what are the chances....
My daughter is 27 yrs old and told me she has swelling on her head. I asked all the usual questions a...More
Posted by oldpineztrvlr
Brain Tumor in child under 5 years old
My daughter (age 4) was diagnosed with ventriculomegaly (enlarged ventricles in the brain) in the womb when...More
Posted by Anon_183567
Question about leukemia?
Hello, I recently weny in to my Doc for abnormal (period-like) bleeding that was going on for over 2 months. He...More
Posted by mom2wge
Swollen lymph nodes
I'm sure that I'm just being overly neurotic, but isn't that half the point of the internet? Back in late...More
Posted by An_245776
Can anyone tell me what is means when the range is a 1+ on this test? I know that the test checks for size...More
Posted by Blakstar
Cancer screening: should you?
A new blog post from the "Cancer Realities" website: Should You Get Screened? It's Complicated. ...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff

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