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Reply: Melanoma on Face
The cause of a headache needs to be diagnosed by a health care professional. ...More
Reply: I had the ultrasound on the nodule, they want me t...
Hi cindigal! Did you have the biopsy yet? I'm sorry you don't have a stronger...More
Reply: Dislodged Liver Tumor
Did he go to the ER? I"m interested to hear the diagnosis. I was unable to find...More
Reply: I just noticed a swollen lymph node on right side...
Taking a trip with while worrying is no fun! Since you posted in the cancer...More
Reply: Melatonin for sleep
Oh good! Lack of sleep can cause all types of health problems - as well as...More
Reply: Melatonin for sleep
Hi anon! What did your doctor say? I'm interested to hear! Also, we have a...More
Reply: what are the chances....
Please do make an appointment for a check up. There are options for free medical...More
New WebMD Privacy Policy
Dear Members, Just a note to let you know that WebMD's Privacy Policy has...More
Reply: What are the chances...
Pancreatic islet cell tumors can be noncancerous or cancerous. Here is an...More
Reply: sex drive gone after cancer.
Hi moe - I'm sure your doctor has heard of this from many patients and might...More