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Cancer screening: should you?
A new blog post from the "Cancer Realities" website: Should You Get Screened?...More
Reply: sex drive gone after cancer.
Hi moe and welcome. There is a great discussion about sex, intimacy and cancer...More
Reply: Hypochondria or lymphoma?
An unidentified mass needs to be seen by your doctor ASAP - please call and make...More
Reply: Leukemia
Experts don't know what causes leukemia but here is an article that outlines...More
Reply: could it be a brain tumor?
SweetPof3 - do you have results yet?
Reply: undergoing tests, scared...
You can use the WebMD Symptom Checker here to see what might come up: WebMD...More
Reply: undergoing tests, scared...
I"m sorry you are facing this anxiety! But you will have an answer soon and can...More
Reply: cancer community
I don't think there is a firm rule about giving test results and probably every...More
New Prostate Cancer News
Two stories related to prostate cancer from the WebMD Prostrate Cancer News...More
Reply: could it be a brain tumor?
Hi SweetP! When is her MRI appointment? I would try very hard not to get...More