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Reply: Golf Ball-Sized lymph node on right side of my nec...
Hiya, Anything here would be just a guess. Please let us know how things go and...More
Dogs Can Detect Early Colorectal Cancer
I thought this was an interesting article found here on WebMD, so I wanted to...More
Reply: Allograph Infections Please Help A.S.A.P.
I'm so sorry your wife is having a very difficult time with this. Have you...More
Reply: Bone X-Ray Showing Abnormal Results - Looking for ...
I'm sorry there is no doctor or expert here to read x-rays, or is there anyway to...More
Reply: Skin Cancer on Lower Lip
Hi and welcome, Let us know what the doc says. I'm not sure the cancer is spread...More
Reply: Worried... swollen lymph nodes in neck and collarb...
Hi and welcome, There is really no guessing at this. You need to see a doctor. ...More
Reply: bleeding after sex,no period for 17 years
Hiya, You need to get to the doctor and share your symptoms and concerns. There...More
Reply: possible liver cancer need help
Hi, I hope by now you have seen a doctor. There really is no guessing on this....More
Reply: Melanoma Questions
Hi and welcome, This is really something you need to discuss with your doctor....More
How Cancer Affects Family
Wanted to share this video on WebMD on "How Cancer Affects Family" More
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