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For Alzheimer's Caregivers - New Study
Here is an interesting article about how vitamin B12 may reduce levels of an amnio acid which...More
Do You Have Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin or Eczema? We...
Over on "A Patient Voice" community, we're pleased to have Julie Block , President and CEO of...More
Fisher Price Recalls 11 Million Items
Do you have any of the items listed in the recall? Will you return/exchange/modify any of the...More
Ovarian cancer
Can anyone help me about ovarian cancer?
Posted by ujwal231
Welcome Elizabeth Your New Moderator
Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know that as of Monday, (Sept. 27th), you are lucky to have...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
hi new
just found out i have lupus. have a butterfly rash on my face. Glad i know what it was have wait hospital get...More
Posted by tracy09xx
Does Spirituality Play A Part In Health?
According to several experts, there is growing evidence that spirituality is good for your health ...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
Don't Miss WebMD the Magazine!
Please join editor Colleen Paretty on the WebMD the Magazine community for updates on...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
NEW WebMD Communities!
WebMD has added three NEW communities that you all want to check out for more advice and conversation...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
Caring for parent with cancer
My father was diagnosed in May 2010 with stage 3 lung cancer . At the time of his diagnosis we were told he...More
Posted by An_188405
Mom has Lupus. Can I still get married in the Cari...
My mom just recently found out she has Lupus. I've been planning a wedding and my fiance' and I want to get...More
Posted by An_188404
New caregiver
My wife has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and doctor told me to support her and help her...More
Posted by depressedhusband1
stroke rehab
My hsband has had 3 strokes in the past year. He is doing very good except for being very weak. He is upset...More
Posted by keperlou
Care for a 90 year old woman
I care for a 90 year old lady. She has used a walker after a fall a couple of years ago. Otherwise she is...More
Posted by alonebychoice
So emotional with Lupus.
I have read alot of other post and see that i am not alone with this disease. Lately I have been waking up...More
Posted by jadaboous
Just joined the Caregiving Exchange.
I hope to connect with other wives who are taking care of their husband's. We have been married for 43+ years...More
Posted by BerniBaby
New Study Shows Caregiving May Lengthen Life
Much has been reported about the stress and burden of caregiving, but a new study suggests there may...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
a little different situation on a fact finding mis...
mimiheart posted: Greetings, My situation is a bit different. We are in the final stages of...More
Posted by mimiheart
Taking care of daughter and grandson and feel too ...
My daughter is very ill with a rare disease and has many surgeries and more coming with chemo and radiation...More
Posted by elisnana
Chemo Therpy - 21st Century Bloodletting?
My mother has stage 4 melanoma, was diagnosed in stage 3 when she was 73ish. She has been through...More
Posted by Unclecracker
Questions About Depression
WebMD is putting together a segment on our site called Depression TV, which will be a talk radio-type...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
New to the caregiver exchange
I`m really glad to find this sometimes I feel like I`m in alone with my husband .I wonder if anyone...More
Posted by wifecaregiver
ovarian cancer
My sister has ovarian cancer and has taken all the chemo she can take. She is now on morphine for the pain....More
Posted by jsthrasher
wish she could comeback.
Hi, my wife was diagnosed with altz. about 3 yrs ago.she is on arocept,namenda and effextor for the mood...More
Posted by dickyhoff
Hi, I am a new caregiver
Just wanted to tell everyone my story. I am 30 and my dad is 65- going on 90. His health problems are way...More
Posted by nursingbug
Dealing with grief after being caregiver
Just lost my elderly Mom to Alzheimers/Vascular Dementia a few weeks go...was her caregiver for some time...More
Posted by Holeinmyheart
Please Welcome Andie!
I wanted to let you know that as of tomorrow (April 22nd), Andie would be the new moderator for...More

Spotlight: Member Stories

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Revised: New Features on Exchanges!
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