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Joined: 01/16/2013
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I am a 32 year old female whom has been a caregiver for my husband. He was in a toxic chemical accident at his work and now has cervical disc disease, and tons of other problems that came from him falling on his back on a cement floor and passing out after inhaling toxic fumes. I have 4 AA degrees and was not thinking about doing this as a career, but recently, my husband and I moved into a house where the main tenants are husband and wife couple. She had a stroke in 2008 (I think that's the year) and the husband had been on the verge of burning out because he had no help caring for her. When he found out about IHSS, he has started the paperwork, and I have been training with him, and working with her for the past few months. I have become super attached to Renee and just about fell apart when he told me that if he were to pass away, because she is a ward of the state, the authorities will immediately take her into an assisted care facility and away from me. Needless to say, I'm looking for any advice on how to give Renee the proper, quality care she deserves. Also, since I also have my husband Joe to take care of, please help me not become burnt out. He has a lot of Doctors appointments, medications, etc that I have to juggle,too. I welcome and appreciate any guidance, advice. I feel as if I was meant to do this kind of career, not a typical computer job or something else. But sometimes, my heart gets in the way, it's so big and loving!:)

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