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Joined: 02/24/2010
My Story:
I've been here at WebMD since 2007, but I've been involved in social media and moderated communities online since 1994, so you know I just love it. I enjoy helping people by directing them to resources, lending support, and sharing tips. I also learn new things from all of you, so don't think this is a one-way street here. I'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful community this Exchange will evolve into with your participation.

You can find me at the following Exchanges:
  • Ms. Berman's Alzheimer's Exchange
  • Dr. Farrell's Anxiety and Panic Exchange
  • Mr. Cohen's Chronic Disease & Disability Exchange
  • Nurse Harrison-Hohner's Gynecology Exchange
  • Dr. Harrington's Heart Disease Exchange
  • Dr. O'Connor's Hypertension Exchange
  • Dr. Atlas's Pregnancy Exchange
  • Dr. McCallum's Rheumatoid Arthritis Exchange
  • Dr. Husain's Sleep Disorders Exchange
  • Caregiving Member Exchange
  • Could I Be Pregnant? Member Exchange
  • GLBT Health Member Exchange
You may also be able to find me roaming around other Exchanges as well. Here's my favorite quote from Will Rogers: "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

My best,


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