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Tried many forms of excercise and running seems to be the best for me for lowering cholesterol.
Posted by harbinger1492
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Reply: Statin may slow untreatable, progressive stage of ...
Glad it worked out for you Bill. My TC was 126 and LDL 51 and things didn't go well for me. Today my...More
Posted by bobby75703
Reply: Statins being called the "Hoy Grail for Cancer" an...
A daily dose of statins has been shown to block the growth and spread of tumours ...More
Posted by iride6606
The Cost to Treat Cholesterol Plummets
I've been saying it for months, and now reality is finally hitting the headlines. Per unit prices of...More
Posted by iride6606
Reply: Doctors' fears over statins may cost lives
In reading a recent release from Dr. Goldacre's blog, I think he sums it up very well when discussing this...More
Posted by iride6606
Reply: Natural Supplement CholesLo??
CholesLo contains Red Rice Yeast. That is a naturally statin and from which the first statin med was developed....More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Statin May Cut GVHD in Stem-Cell Recipients
I think conventional thinking is moving in my direction; Study results published in the European Heart...More
Posted by iride6606
New treatment for high LDL
The new drug Evolocumab is showing great results in reducing LDL by a mean reduction of 55%. ...More
Posted by iride6606
Analysis supports use of risk equations to guide s...
The data is coming in and it supports the use of the risk calculator with the new cholesterol guidelines. It...More
Posted by iride6606
Reply: Statins Can Stimulate Cardiac Muscle Cell Regenera...
Herbicides and Statins share more common ground than just being enzyme inhibitors. They are both membrane...More
Posted by bobby75703
Reply: Statin Muscle soreness- simvastatin
I missed the part about your muscle soreness only having gone on for two days. I definitely would not yet jump...More
Posted by Anon_320
Reply: Cholesterol Ratio?
good idea! More
Posted by litalee

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Statins aside what has been the most effective cholesterol lowering actions or medications you have experienced?
  • Exercise
  • changing diet- low fat, more fiber,
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Cholesterol level
Hi, I am Baikal I just gave the test and my cholesterol level has jumped up to 255 mg/dl. HDL is 54.4, LDL...More
Posted by jbbaikal
Reply: Too much Fiber
Hello, This article has some possible side effects of too much fiber: Getting too much fiber can...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Is Red Yeast good for you?
My husband, age 82, had to start on red yeast rice, 7 yrs ago due to the damage prescription statins was...More
Posted by curlytop71
use of livalo / bad cholestrol reducing statin
I have been taking a new statin LIVALO since past 6-7 months which has reduced my bad cholestrol approx 30%....More
Posted by rajwa
Vascular Surgeon Ditches Statins
Why I've ditched statins for goodAs experts clash over proposals that millions more of us take statins to...More
Posted by bobby75703
Reply: Riding high with Cholesterol
"I know the people you are speaking about as you've mentioned it before. They have a high average TC...More
Posted by bobby75703
Reply: hereditary cholesterol
My apologies, let me explain. There is a Lita Lee Ph.D. on the internet that is certified in endochrinolgy...More
Posted by iride6606
Statin May Slow Progressive MS
Another exciting discovery in the world of statins, cholesterol and now MS. Originally the thought was that...More
Posted by iride6606
Reply: Is it my age
You could always try cutting back or eliminating grains and sugars just to see what happens. You might be...More
Posted by bobby75703
Reply: Tuna Fish in Diet
The function is the same. But they are different formulations. Different people can react differently to them.More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Mitra Valve "sagging"
This is probably best discussed in the Heart Disease forum. ...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Cholesterol lowering foods
In addition to billh99's suggestions, you may also take a look at our Cholesterol Diet Directory -- it...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Early atherosclerotic plaques in vessel wall regre...
Excellent post and it points out what I believe is the most important effect of statins, stabilizing arterial...More
Posted by iride6606
Treatment approach for aggressive prostate cancer ...
High cholesterol strikes again! New study results are being released almost daily exposing the dangers of...More
Posted by iride6606
Effects on Coronary Atherosclerosis by Targeting L...
The clinical significance of plaque regression has been investigated in an IVUS regression-progression...More
Posted by iride6606
Reply: FDA Questioning New Cholesterol Drugs for Cogniti...
Cholesterol levels linked to brain deposits that cause Alzheimer's ...More
Posted by iride6606
Reply: New Cholesterol Guidelines
Read the numbers, there will be a 3% shift in the numbers of people on statins, that's all. Again, only a 3...More
Posted by iride6606
Reply: How long does cholesterol levels stay in your syst...
I have no idea of how long it takes for any changes in taking statin to reach steady state, but I suspect that...More
Posted by billh99

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Lower Cholesterol by changing my chemical balance - eating habits
With a history of heart disease in my family (father), I was all to aware of the need to keep my numbers under control. A few years ago, I ... More
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