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Sticky Post Attn Community Members
Hello All, First of all, we would like to thank you for your active participation in this Community. It...More
Posted by atti_editor
I believe Statins do cause Alopecia
My husband is 56 and has been taking Statins for about a year and has experienced rapid hair loss and low...More
Posted by An_262044
Alopecia while on statins
My husband is 56 and has been taking artorvastin for about a year. He has recently suffered rapid hair loss...More
Posted by An_262044
Red Yeast works!
Several years ago my husband was sent home with cholesterol medicine after a high reading at a yearly...More
Posted by An_261955
I have been taking Garcinia Extract my cholesterol has come down 45point in a year. does anyone have...More
Posted by moochtone
Turning Healthy People Into Patients chuckleMore
Posted by david1951
Red yeast Rice?
Has anyone had experience with red Yeast Rice (herb) to lower cholesterol? Many of my friends suggest I give it...More
Posted by lchampi
Anything new on this topic?
I have taken Statins for over a year now. Always concerned if they are a healthy choice.
Posted by An_261644
Safety, Life-Saving Efficacy of Statins Exaggerate... my oh...More
Posted by david1951
HRT and high cholesterol
Does hormone replacement therapy effect cholesterol? Mine has been sky high since complete hysterectomy and...More
Posted by An_261428
heterozygous familial hypercholesterimia
I've recently been referred for possible treatment with the drug, Juxtapid. After consulting with the...More
Posted by stinkerbug49
Home Testing Kits
looking for suggestions for quality Cholesterol Testing Kits
Posted by fcombs
I can't take statins due to elevated liver GGT. My MD has put me on Zetia. Has anyone had sucess with this...More
Posted by gailbetter
After carotid surgery. Any improvement in quailit...
I am a 64 year old female. I had carotid surgery a week ago. I was VERY active until back surgery 10...More
Posted by horselover1950
Patients are dying because GPs are scared of presc...
An unjustified suspicion of statins is costing lives, one of Britain's most senior doctors warned last night ...More
Posted by iride6606
Motivation Needed!!!!
Any suggestions on how to get motivated to work out. Also I never seem to get full when eating, any...More
Posted by An_261170
Fresh Statin Warning. Finally the tide is turning ...
"Warn all patients of the dangers of statins, experts say...." ...More
Posted by bobby75703
Muscle strain and statin use
In the past year I have had issues with sore feet. I have been using simvastatin since 2008. I know the...More
Posted by nodeerhere
New Cholesterol-Reducing Drug Proved Effective In ...
PCSK9 is a protein produced by the human body that doesn't allow LDL cholesterol discharge from the liver...More
Posted by iride6606
Buried Clinical Data. The Dam is About To Burst
Better late than never. In recent years, in response to troubling and far-reaching questions about the...More
Posted by bobby75703

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Statin treatment reduces the risk of heart disease in women
A large study has shown conclusively that statin treatment reduces the risk of heart disease in women, say the researchers from the ... More
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