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Motivation Needed!!!!
Any suggestions on how to get motivated to work out. Also I never seem to get full when eating, any...More
Posted by An_261170
Fresh Statin Warning. Finally the tide is turning ...
"Warn all patients of the dangers of statins, experts say...." ...More
Posted by bobby75703
Muscle strain and statin use
In the past year I have had issues with sore feet. I have been using simvastatin since 2008. I know the...More
Posted by nodeerhere
New Cholesterol-Reducing Drug Proved Effective In ...
PCSK9 is a protein produced by the human body that doesn't allow LDL cholesterol discharge from the liver...More
Posted by iride6606
Buried Clinical Data. The Dam is About To Burst
Better late than never. In recent years, in response to troubling and far-reaching questions about the...More
Posted by bobby75703
High good, low bad cholesterol levels are healthy ...
Another article concerning high cholesterol and Alzheimer's; The relationship between elevated...More
Posted by iride6606
The Cholesterol Lowering Market
Buyers determine the market. Its always been that way and always will. People will pay for something if...More
Posted by bobby75703
LDL Is Your Friend
LDL Your new best friend. More
Posted by bobby75703
Scare tactics are never an acceptable way to sell anything. Especially in the respectable medical world. We...More
Posted by bobby75703
Cholesterol and all-cause mortality in elderly peo... chuckleMore
Posted by david1951
How not to buy ocean front property in Arizona on ...
A recent post about air pollution makes me wonder, do people even read what they post? The post was from a NY...More
Posted by iride6606
Air Pollution's Role in Heart Disease
Air pollution has been linked to cardiovascular disease, and now researchers may be closer to understanding...More
Posted by bobby75703
Video: Be Smart, Protect your Heart From Air Pollu...
From the US Environmental Protection Agency. Gosh, is it...More
Posted by bobby75703
Video: Inhaling a Heart Attack
Inhaling a heart attack. How air pollution can cause heart disease. ...More
Posted by bobby75703
Video: Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease Is it really cholesterol?More
Posted by bobby75703
How not to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.
"No guesses, no opinions. The rate of deaths from heart disease was cut by approx. 50% between 1980 and...More
Posted by bobby75703
Explaining the Decrease in U.S. Deaths from Corona...
No guesses, no opinions. The rate of deaths from heart disease was cut by approx. 50% between 1980 and 2000 ...More
Posted by iride6606
Before Statins
What was it like before statins came onto the market in 1987? The 1950's and 60's were the two worst...More
Posted by bobby75703
A Great Loss
May you rest in peace Dr. Michael Rosenberg, you will be missed. You were an outstanding doctor and...More
Posted by iride6606
Maybe We Have Been Barking Up The Wrong Tree With ...
Fresh from the European Society of Cardiology "There is now ample evidence that air pollution is...More
Posted by bobby75703
If something is too good to be true...
The wild claims on this forum mimic the amazing claims made by traveling medicine men selling their health...More
Posted by bobby75703
Patients are dying because GPs are scared of presc...
Speaking to the Guardian, he said: 'We have really good data from over 100,000 people that show that...More
Posted by iride6606
Statin use advised in chronic kidney disease
The major findings of the study were as follows: The guidelines agree that nearly all persons aged 50...More
Posted by iride6606
Statins are NO RISK to health
Let's try this one again; Research over 25 years has provided clear and definitive evidence to...More
Posted by iride6606
Proof statins save millions from heart attacks
The cheap and widely available cholesterol-busting drugs have saved millions of lives over the past decade...More
Posted by iride6606
Benefits of Statins 'greatly outweigh' small risks...
" The magnitude of the benefits of statins arising from the prevention of heart attacks and strokes greatly...More
Posted by iride6606

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Healthy Snack
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