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Doctor's Best recalls Red Yeast Rice supplement
Another reason to talk to your doctor before starting a supplement; ...More
Posted by iride6606
Study Presents Association Between High Cholestero...
This is really gathering momentum. High cholesterol is damaging to health. A new study led by Dr. Rahul...More
Posted by iride6606
Comparison of Mortality Rates in Statin Users
Good to know! Overall, the mean age at death among statin users was 2 years older than among...More
Posted by iride6606
Increasing adherence to statins would save more li...
Interesting discussion piece; They then used data on blood pressure and total cholesterol for more than...More
Posted by iride6606
Great response to the statin question by doctor in...
Over 70,000 Canadians die every year from stroke and heart disease, while estimated mortality from statin...More
Posted by iride6606
Statins are NO RISK to health
Good to know, one less thing............... Its advice to health professionals said at least 450 deaths...More
Posted by iride6606
Nonindustry-Sponsored Preclinical Studies on Stati...
This is interesting; Non-industry-sponsored studies yielded greater efficacy estimates than...More
Posted by iride6606
Do Statins Really Prevent Heart Attacks?
Do statin drugs really prevent heart attacks and save lives? How would anyone prove it? Purely my opinion,...More
Posted by bobby75703
Faking Medical Research
Unfortunately its not a perfect world. Research misconduct, also known as faked medical research is on the...More
Posted by bobby75703
Statins cut limb events in PAD patients
Great new, but also predictable; Statin use linked with a statistically significant, 21% relative drop in...More
Posted by iride6606
predictors of adherence to statin therapy
Interesting but predictable I guess; According to the research team, including Dr. Heli Halava of the...More
Posted by iride6606
Cholesterol-busting compound may halt breast cance...
Very interesting............... Cholesterol is an important structural component of cell membranes and is...More
Posted by iride6606
I have high cholesterol and triglycerides and currently taking 40 mg Lipitor. I was also previously on Tricor...More
Posted by An_257711
Statins May Delay Parkinson's
Apolipoprotein A1 (ApoA1) are lower in people with Parkinson's disease than those without disease. PD...More
Posted by iride6606
Statins and the common cold
Our findings - that statins reduce rhinovirus-induced CXCL10 secretion from human monocytic cells - suggest...More
Posted by iride6606
New Cholesterol Lowering Drug
Phase 3 data from the TESLA study showed that adding evolocumab 420 mg subcutaneous monthly to a stable dose...More
Posted by iride6606
Thought for the Day
There would be no such thing as "Cholesterol Management" if it were not for sales. Somebody has to peddle...More
Posted by bobby75703
High Cholesterol
I'm new to all this just found ou my Choleterol high. Wanna try fish oil or krill oil before the Statins...More
Posted by brownboy0000
High Cholesterol
I'm new to all this just found ou my Choleterol high. Wanna try fish oil or krill oil before the Statins...More
Posted by brownboy0000
Statins benefits and risks - UK
A release from last week from the UK's version of the FDA; All effective medicines can cause side effects...More
Posted by iride6606
My total cholesterol 248, my triglycerides is 643, so I couldn't even get a LDL score.. I'm on Lipitor. I don't...More
Posted by cchgn01
can you change from pravastatin to simvastatin if ...
Could I change if I run out from simavastatin to pravastatin
Posted by sheilamillie
Is The Heart Disease Data Always Right?
No. Not always. Data is collected by people and is subject to human error. Nothing illustrates that...More
Posted by bobby75703
Another treatment for high cholesterol coming soon
A new drug, Evolocumab, is in the final stages of it's trial which may be stopped early due to extremely good...More
Posted by iride6606
'Life-saving' tests for inherited high cholesterol...
Undiagnosed FH leaves individuals at high risk of developing heart disease and dying suddenly at a young age...More
Posted by iride6606
Cancer spreads with help from 'bad' cholesterol
He says they found high levels of "bad" cholesterol seem to help the integrins in cancer cells to move...More
Posted by iride6606
High cholesterol linked to infertility
Results indicate that those couples in which either one or both had high cholesterol took considerably...More
Posted by iride6606
Early use of statins decreases progression of seri...
Results from a study by University of Colorado School of Medicine researchers show that pravastatin, a...More
Posted by iride6606
BMJ authors withdraw statements about adverse effe...
Imagine that. More
Posted by iride6606
Conflicts of Interest within Heart Associations
This is the BEST video I have ever seen on conflicts of interest. This Doctor hits a Home Run! ...More
Posted by bobby75703

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Shannon, when I have looked thru my lab test hard copies, I saw that the lab techs had divided the hdl -good- cholesterol value into the ... More
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