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Study Shows Lifetime Benefit With 5 Years of Stati...
This is why we do follow up; For our primary end point, by the time 20 years had passed, we...More
Posted by iride6606
do cholesterol lowering statins live up to the hyp...
Posted by david1951
Early statin use may give long-term heart benefits
Taking a cholesterol-lowering drug for five years in middle age can lower heart and death risks for decades...More
Posted by iride6606
First Study to Show Reduced CV Risk with Statin + ...
So we are saying Statins have no real benefit and are a waste of money? So your going to have a heart attack...More
Posted by An_260213
Cholesterol Ap For Your Smart Phone
How cool is this? More
Posted by iride6606
First Study to Show Reduced CV Risk with Statin + ...
Merck was right, Vytorin does work and has successfully met all endpoints for the IMPROVE-IT trial, well...More
Posted by iride6606
High-Intensity Statins Could Cut Diabetic Atherosc...
High-intensity statin therapy alters the progressive nature of diabetic coronary atherosclerosis, yielding...More
Posted by iride6606
Most Patients With CKD Should Take Statins
Patients with CKD face an increased risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and randomized trials...More
Posted by iride6606
Do we really know everything about statins?
We will never know how many negative studies of statins never saw the light of day. Fresh Newsweek...More
Posted by bobby75703
Common cholesterol-fighting drug may prevent hyste...
The study investigated the impact of simvastatin on human uterine fibroid cell growth. The researchers...More
Posted by iride6606
Patients with chronic kidney disease should take s...
Almost all people with pre-dialysis kidney disease should receive statins by current guidelines, reports a...More
Posted by iride6606
Even Without Blockage, Artery Disease May Still Be...
Plaque is a buildup of cholesterol, cells and other substances in the blood vessels. Even when it does not...More
Posted by iride6606
High cholesterol tied to prostate cancer recurrenc...
After surgery for prostate cancer , elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides may be...More
Posted by iride6606
Cholesterol: The overlooked chronic disease More
Posted by iride6606
Statins Reverse Genetic-Caused Learning Disabiliti...
Statins Reverse Genetic-Caused Learning Disabilities In a new study published in the journal Nature...More
Posted by iride6606
Biologics will complement statins in cholesterol t...
These companies know that even if their PCSK9s are only used to treat the 5% of the estimated 70 million...More
Posted by iride6606
Statins 'reverse' Noonan syndrome learning disabil...
This is interesting, please note I am not giving an opinion; Silva explains the thinking that led the...More
Posted by iride6606
Stroke patients miss cholesterol-lowering targets
"More than half of patients with a recurrent stroke or other cerebrovascular attack failed to meet...More
Posted by iride6606
Want to live to, take your statins!
"Scientists haven't quite figured how we can live forever - but they now say they have worked out how we...More
Posted by iride6606
Statin risks?
What are risks with long-term use of statin drugs?
Posted by David5711
Another death attributed to high cholesterol
Very sad indeed................... Oen, from Norway, had been found dead in his hotel bathroom a few...More
Posted by iride6606
Wider use of statins could cut deaths from heart d...
Wouldn't it be nice to talk about cholesterol here for a change instead of conspiracies? I can do this all...More
Posted by iride6606
Financial Links?
"MOST of the experts who are set to recommend the widespread use of statins next month are in the pay of...More
Posted by bobby75703
Benefits of statins outweigh diabetes risk More
Posted by iride6606
Prescribing statins more widely ‘could avert tra...
Four-and-a-half million more adults should be offered statins to avert "a tragedy waiting to happen" by...More
Posted by iride6606
Health Chief Slams Statins
"LEADING doctors are demanding an end to the widespread prescription of statins, warning that one in four...More
Posted by bobby75703

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Cholesterol-lowering drugs slash risk of stroke by a third
Millions of pensioners should routinely take statins to enable them to live longer, healthier lives, researchers claim. A study has found ... More
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