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New Lipid Guidelines Prove Superior
Under NCEP guidelines, 59% of patients with 50% or more stenosis of the left main coronary artery...More
Posted by iride6606
New cholesterol guidelines could help reduce heart...
The team predicted that between 3.6 to 4.9 cardiovascular events could have been prevented for every 1,000...More
Posted by iride6606
Statins help prevent tooth loss
Well how about that! New research has discovered that people taking statins for general health problems...More
Posted by iride6606
Article: Unseen cause of bias that risks compromis...
Interesting. I suppose even blind trials are not 100% pure. This is why I think its so critical to make...More
Posted by bobby75703
American Healthcare Predictions
Really a great article with some interesting thoughts; 1. With the increasing ubiquity of statin use ,...More
Posted by iride6606
ACS and Stroke rates down, increased statin use ci...
Hypertension is now better identified and treated, statin use has increased , and smoking has declined. ...More
Posted by iride6606
Declining Hospitalizations, Better Outcomes for Ac...
Another article; The researchers speculate that improvements in the identification of hypertension, ...More
Posted by iride6606
Statins May Reduce VTE Risk Associated with Hormon...
Statins could potentially attenuate the increased risk associated with HT combinations of oral estrogens...More
Posted by iride6606
Statins: Low Risks and High Potential Benefit
A new Johns Hopkins review of 20 years' worth of published research suggests that risks linked to long-term...More
Posted by iride6606
Article: Growing Doubt on Statin Drugs
Article: Growing Doubt on Statin Drugs. ...More
Posted by bobby75703
Article: Five Lessons From the Niacin Failure
For decades we believed taking niacin improved cardiovascular health, until one day the association...More
Posted by bobby75703
Article: More Docs Wonder If Statins Are Worth the...
Just read this article on WebMD, More Docs Wonder If Statins Are Worth the Risks - Aug. 18, 2014 -- Kailash...More
Posted by tomag459

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Exercise not doing much for Cholesterol
I am an avid runner. Run 30+ miles a week, at a sub 8 minute pace. But my cholesterol still seems to be a bit...More
Posted by An_258875
New cholesterol guideline improved accuracy of sta...
The likelihood of statin prescription increased sharply with plaque burden, with better performance in all...More
Posted by iride6606
New Lipid Guidelines Bring Only 'Modest' Rise in S...
It was inevitable that it would come to this.............. once we sifted through the hype; Controversial...More
Posted by iride6606
Applying new cholesterol guidelines to a patient p...
Projecting these findings onto the larger Dallas County population, about 4,500 serious heart problems...More
Posted by iride6606
New statin guidelines are an improvement, study sh...
They found that the new guidelines did a better job of discriminating between patients with little or no...More
Posted by iride6606
Statin Risk vs Benefit?
WebMD article: More Docs Wonder if Statins Worth the Risks .More
Posted by cjh1203
I have the same problem. Genetics. Meds work the best for me.
Posted by An_258854
Physician Speaks Out
Its good to see another physician speaking up on the issues I bring up on this site. ...More
Posted by bobby75703
Cancer set to overtake heart disease and stroke th...
I think we all projected this was coming! The report's co-author Dr Nick Townsend, said: 'The reason why...More
Posted by iride6606
High Cholestrol @ 37!
I went for my routine checkup and my cholestrol is crazy high..400! You can imagine my shock! I eat healthy,...More
Posted by nattyv
Knowns and Unknowns: Lancet Reviews Role of Lipids...
Interesting article about LDL and heart disease; "What is clear is that statins—powerful agents...More
Posted by iride6606
New cholesterol guidelines can significantly help ...
Great article, 4,500 cardiac events per year could be eliminated with new guidelines; In this subset of...More
Posted by iride6606
Statins may lower risk for NAFLD, not linked to AL...
Great news for liver patients; The association between statin use and lower NAFLD prevalence grew...More
Posted by iride6606
Statins may delay proteinuria progression in patie...
Interesting, could be some good news for kidney patients; Statin use may attenuate reductions in...More
Posted by iride6606
Statins play a role in stroke reduction
This is not surprising, just validating what we all suspected would happen; Ischemic stroke incidence...More
Posted by iride6606
Anatomy of a Heart Attack
A great explanation of the anatomy of a heart by Marcia Hendricks, Clinical Lipid Specialist; "It is a...More
Posted by iride6606
Great explanation came across by Marcia Hendricks, Clinical Lipid Specialist; "It is a combination of...More
Posted by iride6606

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