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Reply: More Retracted Papers from Cardiology Group
The following article discusses how pharmaceutical companies "manipulate" their trial...More
Posted by farsidexyz
Reply: Statins: Lowering Cholesterol, Raising Debate
"Barry Marshall and Robin Warren showed that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori ( H....More
Posted by farsidexyz
Reply: Long Term LDL Reduction and Statin Use
My all time favorite cholesterol chart. ...More
Posted by farsidexyz
Reply: Statins n pain
Pain is a warning signal from you body. Don't ignore it. Statins are notorius for...More
Posted by farsidexyz
Reply: Statin Drug Induced Myopathy Case Study, Dec. 2012
"Ask a Patient" lists seven ratings for LIVALO. Maybe their comments will help in your...More
Posted by farsidexyz
Reply: Another Cholesterol Drug Fails
An interesting fact from the "AIM High Trial" is that there were a 233% increase in...More
Posted by farsidexyz
Reply: Muscle pain, Statins, moderately intense workouts ...
Here's an interest article about statins and athletes: ...More
Posted by farsidexyz
Reply: Statins, Safer Than We thought?
xccyclist, are you still taking Pravastatin on your low Carb diet?
Posted by farsidexyz