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Air Pollution's Role in Heart Disease
Air pollution has been linked to cardiovascular disease, and now researchers may be...More
Posted by bobby75703
Video: Be Smart, Protect your Heart From Air Pollu...
From the US Environmental Protection Agency. ...More
Posted by bobby75703
Video: Inhaling a Heart Attack
Inhaling a heart attack. How air pollution can cause heart disease. ...More
Posted by bobby75703
Video: Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease Is it really cholesterol?More
Posted by bobby75703
How not to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.
"No guesses, no opinions. The rate of deaths from heart disease was cut by approx. 50%...More
Posted by bobby75703
Reply: How not to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.
The death rate from heart disease roller coaster experienced its steepest decline in the...More
Posted by bobby75703
Before Statins
What was it like before statins came onto the market in 1987? The 1950's and 60's were...More
Posted by bobby75703
Maybe We Have Been Barking Up The Wrong Tree With ...
Fresh from the European Society of Cardiology "There is now ample evidence that air...More
Posted by bobby75703
If something is too good to be true...
The wild claims on this forum mimic the amazing claims made by traveling medicine men...More
Posted by bobby75703
Reply: Cholesterol
Neither. Reduction of calories has the biggest impact. Conversely, if a person wanted...More
Posted by bobby75703