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Donation of Clomid
Hello all, If you have any unused 50mg clomid, please let me know. A donation would be gladly appreciated. ...More
Posted by An_256863
am at day 7 after taking my first round of clomid 50mg and i am seeing signs of my period. I am...More
Posted by antanetteandy
Reply: Mid cycle bleeding. Clomid cycle 2
Hi buttons13,how are you ? Hope all is well hun. How is the pregnancy going? Sorry I have not been on for...More
Posted by butterflys97
Reply: Faint second line!
I am sorry for hearing that but don't stop trying and to have hope i had that same experince before and...More
Posted by fatmakamel92
First round of Clomid done and dusted but my period is still 2 days late. Dr didn't think I needed an...More
Posted by laurenrichter
Reply: blighted ovum, empty sac
I want to ask if clomid works with you and if it is how long you take it and get pregnant?! as i took it a...More
Posted by fatmakamel92
New Levels!
Ladies, Prayer works... and 200 mg of clomid. I got a call from my doctor yesterday that my levels were...More
Posted by luswart13
Reply: Anybody had an HSG X ray??
I had this done as a part of my inital work-up. It was uncomfortable, but in all it wasn't too bad. Take a...More
Posted by ajb2007
Daily Sex or Every Other Day during Ovulation: Whi...
I'm wondering if its better to try every other night or every night. I was looking over an ovulation...More
Posted by ajb2007
Reply: Timing it out....
Thank you for your kind words. and now I'm wondering if its better to try every other night or every night. I...More
Posted by ajb2007
Provera- what to expect?
Hello,[br>[br>Can anyone advise or give opinions-[br>[br>After starting Provera to induce a bleed-...More
Posted by kam777
new activation in this forum
Claiming to represent service workers, the protesters handed out fliers in the city's Potrero Hill...More
Posted by litonmathe
Reply: European Weightlifting 2014 live streaming Online...
The easiest way to watch online : 1. Search on 2. Choice your source...More
Posted by harrylandof
Reply: ANZ Netball 2014 live stream online ; Steel vs My...
The easiest way to watch online : 1. Search on 2. Choice your source...More
Posted by harrylandof
Southern Steel vs Northern Mystics Netball 2014 l...
Southern Steel vs Northern Mystics Netball 2014 live streaming on 7th April 2014 . ANZ Championship...More
Posted by lesliealter489
1st Round Clomid..... insight??
Hi everyone... This will be my first round of Clomid or any fertility meds to be honest. I am having horrid...More
Posted by ajb2007
Reply: The Cost of Clomid
The cost of clomid without Insurance is $43.50. I bought 50 tablets for this cost.More
Posted by ammymickens
Reply: Doctors orders to start taking Clomid w/o a period...
Hi, I am in the same situation. No period for seveea months. How did you take clomid eg how many days and...More
Posted by clomid123
Leaning on Faith and Clomid pt. 2
This month i am on a second trial of the 200mg of clomid. It wasn't fun taking that much, i felt a little...More
Posted by luswart13
Egg Quality after anovulatory cycles?
Does anyone know- if you haven't ovulated in years, then you do ovulate with the help of Clomid (or naturally...More
Posted by kam777
What to expect when starting Provera
Hello, Can anyone advise or give opinions- After starting Provera to induce a bleed- at what point did you...More
Posted by kam777
Reply: clomid side effects
Hi Kaye, I just started my clomid cycle. So far I feel every way the doctor said I was going to feel. I...More
Posted by jessicaj23
Reply: First month in Clomid
I was expecting too much, took the PT on the first day of my missed period, NEGATIVE. More
Posted by An_256102
I was on birth control for a while and was bleeding non stop, now my doctor gave me clomid to help me...More
Posted by trying871
My doctor told me that i have polycystic ovaries and put me on birth control to regulate my period because i...More
Posted by trying871

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TTC for 4 years. Which I had maybe 2 periods a year. I found out in march that I had a septum uterus. I had the septum removed on April 18, 2012. My p...More

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