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Taking Almased Shakes & Clomid Simultaneously
Is it okay to take Almased (soy protein) shakes at the same time one is taking Clomid to conceive? I was worried...More
Posted by sooziq
Still no period
I did our first round of Clomid this last cycle. I've been tired, ravenous , lower back pain, a little cramps...More
Posted by rachmellb
Just a little update
Tomorrow will be CD 3 for me and my next appointment with my Fertility Doctor. I will get an ultrasound to...More
TTC Number 1 via Sperm Donor
Posted by mommab89
Chlomid for Testosterone?
Anyone used Chlomid for raising T levels? Any side effects they experienced or other long term impacts? Did it...More
Posted by yeppo123
Hello Everyone!
I am new to this community. And i am here to spread some news regarding in vitro fertilization.
Posted by alta_bates_clinic
Can a woman still get pregnant if she didn't take all the clomid?
Posted by An_261566
Too many folds in uterus?
Back in 2011 my husband and I were doing the fertility thing. The Dr had already done several before and...More
Posted by kittykatharde
3 dominate follicles!?
U/s today cd15. 3 Dom follicles. One on right at 22mm, one on left at 27mm, another on left at 28mm. Anyone...More
Posted by cscelso
Clomid days 9-13
First round of 50 mg taken day 5-9. I took an opk today (cd10) knowing it will probably show a false positive,...More
Posted by cscelso
trying to pull off the upset win
Colts vs Broncos live Golden Globe Awards live Indianapolis Colts vs Denver Broncos live Stream ...More
Posted by captainnero
advance sexual men power
They accept Maxx Test 300 is no1 weight lifting thing nowadays and they in like manner affirmed to have no1...More
Posted by aliynaj
Toradol injection & TTC
am a little concerned. I went to the ER for my planter fascitis pain. I have had this for a while and am...More
Posted by chloesmom2010
but he can still make a major mark in the program
Boise State vs Arizona live Mississippi State vs Georgia Tech live Boise State vs Arizona live...More
Posted by captainnero
so it’s imperative that TCU gets Aaron Green
Ole Miss vs TCU live TCU vs Ole Miss live stream Ole Miss vs TCU live stream More
Posted by captainnero
In fact, Fuller was the only Irish player
LSU vs Notre Dame live stream Georgia vs Louisville live stream Notre Dame vs LSU live stream ...More
Posted by captainnero
two-week championship matchup
New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills live stream New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles live stream ...More
Posted by captainnero
My partner and myself split several months ago and we were trying to concieve before that. I still plan to...More
Posted by An_259494
brilliant goor
Memphis v BYU Live stream live stream Memphis vs BYU Live stream live stream More
Posted by captainnero
Will it be the one that dominated
Carolina Panthers vs Cleveland Browns live stream Miami Dolphins vs Minnesota Vikings live stream ...More
Posted by captainnero
ditch effort for Marc Trestman
Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions live stream Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens live stream New...More
Posted by captainnero

Spotlight: Member Stories

My husband and I have been married since October 2007 and have been actively trying to conceive off and on since then...with no luck. We always just t...More

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