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work at hom
have tried it and it worked out for me if it has worked out for me ....belive it will work out for...More
Posted by philipbabalola123
Timing it out....
Hey all, I posted earlier "leaning on faith and clomid" I finished my dose oof 150mg of clomid this...More
Posted by swartzentruber13
Hey there, So I have been on provera to start my period and then I take clomid 100mg on days 3-7 of my...More
Posted by aadaw2013
Hi I am 48 years old and didn't fall in love till I was 45. I was extremely fertile in my youth. now that I am...More
Posted by remy520
Leaning on Faith & Clomid
Hello ladies, First off, it is so encouraging to see how many other women there are like me out there. I...More
Posted by luswart13
I feel like such a failure. Another negative HSG test..I am spotting AF about to come on. Another month...More
Posted by butterflys97
17 weeks on Saturday!!
Hey all!!!! Sorry I've been MIA life has been hectic, I have not been myself, lately and I'm trying to first and...More
Posted by jhjan2
maca and clomid
im taking clomid can I take maca with it?
Posted by An_255171
Needing answers
I'm new to this and need advise and input from women with experience. Background: I've been trying...More
Posted by kimarieholloway
PLEASE HELP!! going on third cyle so confused.
PLEASE HELP!! I am beyond confused. so here is my issue, I am going on my third cycle of clomid, just...More
Posted by kellylgirl
Third clomid ccle
Hello everyone. This is my first time posting. After reading a few post I feel at ease to know that their are...More
Posted by lm123
Third clomid ccle
Hello everyone. This is my first time posting. After reading a few post I feel at ease to know that their are...More
Posted by lm123
doctor put me on clomid without AF
been trying for a baby for 3 years, i spotted 4 years ago and never had a period. i took...More
Chlomid side effects
Hi I'm on my first cycle of chlomid. I didn't have any side effects while taking the tablets but now I feel...More
Posted by kittyneale
Menstration pain, no period, no pregnancy
My last mentrual  cycle started on the 24th November, I started my first round of clomid as directed by my...More
Posted by zogie
clomid and results
I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. I'm on my 3rd round of clomid and finally had positive ov...More
Posted by shouser31
TTC 3 years Clomid for about 6 months on and off
I've been TTC for 3 years since my husband and I been married. My Ob told me that I have PCOS about 2...More
Posted by jmillet2314
Posted by imfreelyloved
Med combination?
Hello! Has anyone ever taken Clomid before ovulation and then used HCG injections every other day post...More
Posted by An_254626
why us?
So this is my first time on clomid. Lastnight I was the last night for my last pill for the month. Im...More
Posted by genevieve102
My first time taking clomid!!!!!!!
hi this is my first time taking clomid i'm 23 years old and i just got it today i found out i didn't ovulate...More
Posted by donoma
Negative OPK Tests on Clomid
I have used ovulation tests for a year and a half now and I have always seen a positive LH Surge. I am on my...More
Posted by charreg17
Going crazy!!
I have had most of the side effects from clomid. I'm on day 4 of my first (and hopefully only) round. I go...More
Posted by kathleen24
first round
I am 34 and just starting to take clomid, hoping for success My husband and I have been trying for 5 year and...More
Posted by gigifrog
Keeping my head up.
So thankful I finally found a current place to talk... Me and my fiancé have been ttc for almost two years...More
Posted by andimarieh
Mid cycle bleeding. Clomid cycle 2
Took Clomid , on my first cycle my day 21 bloods came back negative at 0.5. My dr repeated on day 28 which...More
Posted by An_254195
How long should I wait for my period or take a pt...
I have a 45 day cycle so my gynecologist recommended 50mg clomid since we've been trying for a year now with...More
Posted by 1stladyk
Chlomid side effects on baby
I have been reading about birth defects as a result of taking chlomid. Has anyone taken chlomid and their...More
Posted by An_254114
secret facebook group for clomid users
If you are looking for some more support groups, please come join my group! No one can see you joined the...More
Posted by donnagroom313

Spotlight: Member Stories

HI! I am Meg. And I would like to be a mom more than ANYTHING! We have completed 1 full round of clomid and will begin round 2 in May. The first ro...More

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Helpful Tips
AF-Aunt Flo BFN- Big Fat Negitive BFP- Big Fat Positiove EWCM- Egg White cervicle Mucus CM- Cervial Mucus LMP- Last menstral Period BBT- ... More
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