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Well I never thought I would be here, it all seems to surreal! Is this really true? We have been trying to have a baby for two years. We saw a OBGYN in January 2011, and since then I have had an HSG completed which was normal, and four months of Clomid, 100mg. We are starting Femara, HCG Injection and IUI next!
We don't talk about this with our familes or friends. Its our shameful secret. We don't yet know how to handle all of these emotions. This is so far, the hardest thing we have been a part of in our lives. But, our marriage stays strong and we are working together as a team, this will happen.

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Nordy, My prayers and thoughts are with you during this very difficult time, keep...More
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Praying for you Babyparks!
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Great Post! Thanks for the details, and hope!
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I think she meant what CD did you take the pregnancy test on, that was positive?
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I have been continuing to exercise (kickboxing, running), is this OK on baby dancing...More
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Ovarian Hyperstimulation
Hey ladies, looking for some feedback! I just finished taking my fourth round of...More
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I just completed my fourth time taking Clomid 100mg, follicle studys on day 12 showed...More
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I would think you would be able to. My doc is going stopping me from doing Clomid...More
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