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Hello All. My husband and I have been TTC baby # 2 since July 2010 so we are 17 months of trying. I will say it is much easier having my son now. He is 2 and since i've had him it hasn't been as bad at all as it was the first try to get pregnant with him. With my son we tried for 9 months and nothing happened and then I took clomid and got pregnant the first month on 50mg so I just knew this time it would happen just as fast as I took clomid the last time. Well little did I know that normally doesn't happen the first try with Clomid especially clomid alone without anything else. With baby #2 we have taken 3 rounds of clomid with timed intercourse only(w/o IUI) and didn't get a BFP so I took 2 months off to rest. Now I am back into trying our first IUI with Clomid 50mg and it failed for the month of July! The month of August we are taking a break from trying again and having surgery on the 25th. After surgery they found I had severe scar tissue on abdomen, bladder and uterus all stuck together, ovaries had mild endometriosis and interstitial cystitis on bladder and took appendix out. Husband went back to the urologist end of September and he put him on vitamins to help boost his low motility. We are hopeful that after 3 months on the vitamins his counts will improve and we can do another IUI with clomid around December or Jan.

I am so blessed to have my son and know that if we can't have anymore I am completely satisfied with him alone but we do want another baby one day and feel adoption is something we want to look into further and have already starting looking into it. We will see what happens, we could end up with 3 babies in the end one day :) Baby dust to everyone on here! I look forward to getting to know you all!

We are now pregnant with Baby # 2! I am now 9 weeks as of 12-21-11

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